Process Methodology

Process Methodology

Innovation is a driving force at Suyati Technologies. We are propelled by a passion to create daring new products for our clients; and this resourcefulness is what guides our process methodology in all our technology projects.

Our clients value our flexibility and our ability to get projects and teams up and running quickly. But we also place prime importance on our process methodologies to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of our solutions.

Our process driven execution focuses on creating the product. As our team discusses the technical details (and the deliverables) with the client, the first emphasis is on creating a product or solution that is specific to the needs of the client or the market. Our process methodologies dove-tail into the entire Product Development Life Cycle so that they become part of our development mindset.

Software engineering is not just about technology. It is the mindset that accompanies all design, development, and project management activities. There are numerous ways to design and develop a product or solution, but from the client’s point of view, there is only one way—the product has to WORK to specifications.

So back to the question – What is Suyati’s process methodology? Waterfall or agile? Sequential or Iterative? Process-driven or market-driven?

Our short answer? At Suyati, we will execute whatever process it takes to successfully create, test and deliver IT products and solutions for our clients.