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Moving your organization towards activity driven sales

Imagine the age when your vehicle’s dashboard didn’t alert you while you almost ran out of fuel.  There was a time when you used to realize that you must have made a pit stop long back, only when your vehicle...

Microsoft brings Solitaire to Android and iOS



Meet Minoca: The Feature-Rich Open Source OS designed for IoT

The emergence of Internet of Things and embedded devices is contributing highly to the proliferation of operating systems (OS) and the latest addition to the list of OS is Minoca - an open source OS. IoT is a highly changeable marketplace...


How Technology made up the 2016 US Presidential Election

Results are out and the Republicans are assuming the White House. It was one of the most curiously watched Presidential Elections in the history of the US. Here is an account of how technology is making and breaking the Presidential...

Node.js 7 slated for Release Next Week

The Node.js Foundation is all set to release version 7 of the JavaScript platform in the coming week. With the launch of Node.js 7, version 6 will be moved to long-term support, and version 0.10 will touch “end of life”...


One more day to Dreamforce 2016- The Last Minute Look

If you are hurrying towards the largest global Cloud event, hold on for a minute and take a look at some of the interesting facts about Dreamforce 2016. Dreamforce 2016 is an unusual blend of business, technology, entertainment, philanthropy and...


Slack integrates with Salesforce – bags global enterprise attention

Slack, the workplace messaging and productivity app announced this week that it is soon going to integrate with Salesforce CRM. This integration makes it easy to search for the data stored in Salesforce directly from Slack. Users can also push...


Amplifying your business at Dreamforce 2016

2000+ sessions and thousands of live solutions from the world’s largest Cloud ecosystem, Dreamforce 2016 is a must attend gathering for technology and business enthusiasts. Dreamforce offers you content tailored to your industry needs, your roles and your organization size....

Fantasy Sales Team in MS Dynamics CRM

In one of our previous posts, we saw the new and cool features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This post will walk you through the Fantasy Sales team, a niche feature integrated to MS Dynamics CRM. Founded by Adam Hollander, the...


Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a comprehensive suite of business and technology platform that enables companies to market smarter and sell effectively. MS Dynamics CRM plays a key role in reducing costs and increasing profitability of organization. This infographic sheds light...


Understanding User Experience (UX) better

UX and UI- are two of the most heard and often confused buzzwords in the design arena. These two terms are often used interchangeably by those who don’t really know the difference. Though this piece attempts to lay more emphasis...

Salesforce Health Cloud - The Changing face of Healthcare Data

Salesforce is making a significant leap with the introduction of Salesforce Health Cloud, that is, introducing cloud based technology into the territory of healthcare. “Salesforce Health Cloud” is soon going to make its mark in the healthcare sector, thus embarking...