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MongoDB’s Atlas Database as a Service offering released worldwide

  With this new offering, users across the globe will have the ability to co-locate the operational DB service near the application it supports. Atlas is a cloud-based version of MongoDB’s open source, NoSQL DB. When MongoDB launched Atlas in June 2016, it was made available only in five AWS regions with three availability zones […]

Why healthcare firms prefer cloud to on-premises for managing data?

The reach of cloud computing is happening at a slow pace, especially with the hesitant traditional industries taking enormous time to move their resources to cloud. Interestingly, a recent study reveals the willingness of healthcare services to welcome cloud at a rapid leap. The research furthers that many of the healthcare IT professionals believe their […]


Reap the benefits of Cloud in Retail

The retail industry is undergoing a dynamic shift in the direction of innovation, especially with flourishing e-commerce business. A report by the National Retail Federation shows immense promise in the retail industry. This year, retail sale is projected to grow at around 3.1%. As consumers are embracing online shopping with more enthusiasm, both brick-and-mortar stores […]


How Einstein-powered Salesforce Service Cloud enables you to delight the customer

Understand the customer. Anticipate their need on a real-time basis. Exceed customer expectations at every opportunity. Sounds easy? With Salesforce’s AI-powered Einstein service cloud, marketers can certainly have it easier. Service Cloud Einstein is a dynamic version of the popular customer service cloud, powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology. Understand the Customer The basic […]


Public Cloud Services to grow 18% in 2017

In a new report by Gartner, it predicts public cloud services market to grow 18% in 2017 to total $246.8 billion. Globally this year, they expect $122.5bn spend on public cloud services and infrastructure. The money that will be spend by 2020, according to International Data Corporation (IDC) forecast is $195 billion. The market researchers […]

Top 5 Roadblocks in the Way of the AI Empowered Community Cloud

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technologies are a rage now. AI works in the background, applying software algorithms on big data to replicate a part of human cognitive abilities. A case in point: A YouGov study in the US predicts $2 billion+ online sales generated exclusively by mobile digital assistants. AI infuses the community cloud with […]


Cloud Migration Tips: Is your company ready for it?

For a large-scale enterprise, moving to cloud is a long-drawn and complex procedure. It is like shifting an entire city, with the bulk of its streets, the little houses, shops that populate it and most importantly, to preserve how they are put together. Without a plan, the migration process could end up draining major human […]


Why going for Cloud Adoption makes sense for enterprises?

Cloud has become the norm over the last decade, however the adoption has been scattered since the enterprises are still in the process of exploring and learning its benefits. As digital transformation has become one of the core business goals over the last few years, IT executives began initiating strategies for becoming more digital-responsive and […]

Microsoft introduces the power of Cloud to connected cars

  Does it almost sound like Microsoft is building its own connected car? No, it isn’t. Microsoft is launching a new cloud platform for car manufacturers who want to leverage the potential of cloud to accelerate their connected car services. This new cloud platform will be Azure Cloud-based and we can expect a preview in […]


Top 7 cloud technology trends for 2017

  The cloud is now well entrenched, but the technology is still in a process of evolution, with constant churn the order of the day. Here are the top trends that will likely dominate the world of cloud computing in 2017. Enterprise Software Will Increasingly Move to the Cloud Forrester Research estimates the public, private […]