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How Artificial Intelligence will transform CRM in 2017

Over the last few years, technology scientists proved that intelligence, far from being only confined to human brains, was in some senses, better implemented in machines. Artificial intelligence has come out in a big way, through a scheme of tech-leaps we have made over time, starting with machine learning, moving on to Big Data and […]


Benefits of the Salesforce Government Cloud Lightning Platform

Salesforce Government Cloud is a dedicated, multi-tenant instance of the Salesforce Cloud, built to allow U.S federal, state, and local agencies to deploy social and mobile technologies for use within their departments and by the general public. The technology launched in 2012 came as a much-needed breakthrough to the government struggling to take advantage of […]


Merits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Among all the Enterprise Cloud Commerce available in the world, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the best. In July this year, Salesforce had acquired Demandware and renamed it as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Demandware and Salesforce merged, and it has been a smooth journey, as both work towards achieving the same goal, to empower companies to deliver […]

Developers turn Trailblazers with Salesforce

Salesforce is a great platform to build modern apps that people love! The session on ‘Salesforce for Developers’ focused on together, how they can build smarter and faster apps. Srini Tallapragada, President, Technology in Salesforce was the host for the session. Leah McGowen Hare, Director, Technology and Products in Salesforce, Emily Rose, Lead Developer Evangelist in […]


Takeaways from Dreamforce Sessions

On the first day of Dreamforce there were around 1000 sessions, which included talks by business leaders, scientists and so on. On 6th there was a keynote on SMB, an industry specific talk. What was interesting about the session was that there was something for everyone no matter what your company size is. Keith Block, […]

Salesforce Advantage for SMBs: Keynote Extracts

The second day of Dreamforce 2016 witnessed even more frolic events and enthusiastic sessions from speakers across globe.Here, we are presenting the major extracts from Jamie Domenici’s Keynote on Salesforce for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) . About Jamie: Jamie Domenici currently works as the Vice President, Product Marketing at Salesforce. She is also the […]

Dreamflash Coincides with Dreamforce ‘16

Suyati Dreamflash is an in-house event, intended for all of us to explore and share the updates and technical innovations presented at every Dreamforce. To add to the mood and the theme, our office floor is decorated with Salesforce logos, buntings on the milestones Salesforce has achieved and a photo booth was setup based on the […]


Dreamtalk- Day 1 in a Nutshell

Dreamforce 2016 is the world’s largest Cloud gathering having record breaking registrations this year. This year’s Dreamforce predominantly focuses on the idea of customer trailblazers. The Dreamforce stage on 4th October 2016, witnessed dream talks, dream page and Tonny Robbins’ talk. The most trending topic this time is Salesforce Einstein which is an incredible platform […]


Dreamforce – A Techie’s Paradise

  Dreamforce – Salesforce’s 14th annual conference, begins today at San Francisco, CA. The four-day event is expecting more than 170,000 attendees from 83 countries, and 3,000-plus speaking sessions.   With 1,600+ sessions, 400+ theaters, 100+ hours of hands-on training, and 75 Circles of Success, Dreamforce is probably like a paradise for a techie. The […]


Testing Best Practices to follow in CRM Deployment

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is one of the crucial elements of your business. Choosing, building and deploying a good CRM is a decision that needs to be taken with utmost care. The simple reason being that this requires a significant investment from your side. It takes one faulty feature to bring down your […]