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Digital Status of Your Company: The Beginner, The Skilled Worker or The Creator?

Today, companies continually face threat of the Generation Gap of digital transformation. If companies don’t keep up with the changes in our digital landscape, they end up reducing their ability to retain existing customers and also keep potential customers out of reach. Gradually, left-out companies fall into the extinct-category amongst other socially-approachable companies. While most […]

2017 and Beyond: How digital constructs the future of work

Digital not just means “technology” but also “money” which is explicit. Companies of all sizes, small to large, traditional to progressive are eyeing at ways to leverage digital, as digital constructs their future. The coming years will behold the digital wave sweeping the enterprise shores with changes in the workforce, evolving consumer demands, newer opportunities […]

When technology merges with the human body

Things are getting stranger as the fissure between “human” and “machine” is narrowing. Though we still have ways to go before we completely study and interpret the human brain, the most advanced technology inventions have started interpreting the human brain. Machine learning has brought in Virtual Reality (VR) that has the capability to make the […]


The impact of digital transformation on education

Be it retail, health, travel or education, there is no sphere of our lives that is not touched by the digital revolution happening around us. Rapidly evolving technology is transforming the way that knowledge is imparted and absorbed today. The internet and Big Data now play a crucial role in the digital educational ecosystem and […]

What does a good marketing automation look like?

Marketing automation refers to the array of technology that you can deploy to automate your marketing activities across multiple channels like email, social media, and various websites. 75% of companies that implement marketing automation generate substantial returns within a year of implementation.   The benefits of automating your marketing activities are many: Higher marketing efficiency […]


Digital Banking: Are the banks ready for the transformation?

Today, “Digital Transformation” is one of the leading issues that banks face, with only a small section of developing and developed (tier 1) banks ready with a fully functional app. On one hand, the number of users frequenting the virtual world for their banking needs is increasing rapidly, with Juniper Research predicting over 1.75 billion […]


Role of digital signage in healthcare

Digital signage has gradually increased its presence over the years, with reports declaring an increase in the overall sales volume of about 30% owing to them. Over 65% of the public watch digital videos and over 40% of the retail video-viewers prefer shopping stores that include video-displays. Despite these bright numbers, there are reports of […]

How Cloud Technology Fuels Digital Transformation

Cloud is becoming a critical game-changer in enterprises and is also serving as a major resource and catalyst for promoting more effective dialog between the businesses and IT. IT services and business services are converging in a big way. The cloud accelerates and even facilitates digital transformation by: Driving new workflows and efficiencies Enabling customized […]


Digital Evolution: The Four-Stage Theory of Digital Transformation

Letting the digital seep through every process (ranging from designing product to marketing) is one of the top priorities for every organization today. Digitally capacitating an organization is a gradual and evolutionary process, that is, it occurs in stages with each stage standing for a certain mark of development. Remember that travelling the road- developing […]


Quality Assurance Strategy in the Age of Digital Transformation

The digital revolution has transformed the way businesses are run today. Most businesses are running a never-ending race to catch up with evolving technologies and the main reason behind this is to ensure a superior customer experience and customer satisfaction. The old world formula of the customer being the nucleus of every business equation remains […]