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What makes Drupal 7 still popular despite Drupal 8 release

Drupal 8 was released in November 2015, but bucking the trend of users adopting the new in place of the old, the incumbent Drupal 7 continues to be widely popular, and there is a general reluctance to upgrade to Drupal 8. On the face of it, the lukewarm response to Drupal 8 may come as […]

How can Marketo-Drupal integration boost your marketing efforts?

As a B2B company develops its digital marketing strategy, there comes a point where they will need to adopt a Marketing Automation Platform. Today, there are many leading options for the same including Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Act-On and Oracle Eloqua. While most of these will manage your marketing tasks adequately, the coming times will require […]


How to migrate to Drupal 8- A four step guide

One of the leading open-source CMS, Drupal caters to giants like Al-Jazeera, UNRWA and Georgetown University. Armed with a strong network of committed developers, shifting to Drupal can be a move towards higher efficiency, provided the move is undertaken with care. A constant concern while migrating is to ensure that the SEO and content value […]


10 Exciting Features in Drupal 8 Core

Drupal aims at providing complex functionalities in simplest of ways. Used by giants like NBC, Tesla, Harvard and Princess Cruises, Drupal recently released Drupal 8 Core packed with new features and improvisations on the previous ones. Here are ten completely new features which have entered the Drupal family:   CKEditor In the previous editions of […]


How Drupal 8 benefits your business

Basically a content management software, Drupal is an open source software and is widely renowned as world’s leading digital experience platform. Drupal enables you to manage and deliver web content across multiple channels and devices. You don’t need to be a technical expert to handle this software that helps you come up with boundless features, […]