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Node.js 7 slated for Release Next Week

The Node.js Foundation is all set to release version 7 of the JavaScript platform in the coming week. With the launch of Node.js 7, version 6 will be moved to long-term support, and version 0.10 will touch “end of life” status. Mikeal Rogers, the Node.js Foundation Community manager states that Node.js will be having a […]

VMware and AWS enter into a strategic alliance

VMware and AWS(Amazon Web Services announced on 13th Oct, 2016 that they are entering to a strategic partnership. As part of the alliance, the duo will be launching a vSphere-based cloud service that will run on AWS. This new feature known as “VMware Cloud on AWS” is expected to get fully operational by mid-2017. The partnership implicitly […]

Episerver CMS Acquires Optivo

Episerver, a CMS platform provider has acquired Optivo, a Berlin-based company that provides email, omnichannel campaign management and customer intelligence solutions. Episerver is popular among its marketer clients, for it empowers them to engage with their customers by offering consistent experience on different devices, manage content and marketing campaigns all in one screen. With this […]

Salesforce Advantage for SMBs: Keynote Extracts

The second day of Dreamforce 2016 witnessed even more frolic events and enthusiastic sessions from speakers across globe.Here, we are presenting the major extracts from Jamie Domenici’s Keynote on Salesforce for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) . About Jamie: Jamie Domenici currently works as the Vice President, Product Marketing at Salesforce. She is also the […]


Optimizing IT Infrastructure in the Publishing Domain

Today, publishing is faced with the challenges of decreasing profits and fluid loyalties  along with the daunting task of turning content into a global resource through digitization. This transformation can be geared through syncing the infrastructure with publishing value chain. A publisher tending towards digitization of the publishing value chain would have to completely revamp the […]


Are chatbots likely to take over apps?

A report from US-based Credence Research pegged the Chatbot market at $88.3 million in 2015 and they predict, the market would witness “exponential growth” in 2016-23. These days, most of us download an app for meeting any need. A chatbot is essentially an artificial intelligence tool built into a chat platform, wherein one can simply […]


The Role of Predictive Analysis in Education Industry

Predictive analytics, basically follows a wide range of statistical methods from predictive modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining that evaluate and analyze the facts from the present as well as the past to make predictions about future or any unknown events. Predictive analytics is used in Customer relationship management (CRM), healthcare, cross selling, […]


Online ROI benefits with in-store digital experience

Every business setup aims to reach out to as many people as possible. The liberty to access information on stores from different devices and platforms add to customer satisfaction, leading to brand loyalty and increase in ROI. If the aim is to increase online ROI, it is essential to provide customers a satisfying in-store visit […]


Cloud Computing set to revolutionize big businesses

Over the last decade and a half cloud computing has become a mainstay of businesses across the globe.  The importance of the same is set to grow in the coming years. A big chunk of IT budget in the modern times is being allocated towards managing their cloud computing services. The reason being, cloud computing […]


The best open source wearables of 2015

After smartphones hit the market, there is a gradual trend of everyday devices getting prefixed ‘smart’. Smart TV, smart watches, smart glasses and what not. As you can see, even portable and wearable devices have become smart. Anyway, we are not going to discuss smart devices but rather wearables, specifically open source wearables that made […]