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Why 2016 is called the Year of Salesforce Lightning

The Gap Between Customer and Business Today’s customers expect personalized interaction, through the channel and time of their preference. A study by Salesforce reveals that 77% of customers are not engaged with companies. With business-to-customer interactions being too late, irrelevant, impersonal, or absent, this results in the creation of a gap between customer and business. […]


Is IoT A Top Technology Investment Today?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be worth trillions of dollars by 2020. Studies suggest that nearly $6 trillion will be spent on IoT technology over the next five years. The concept is expected to be integrated into our society to lead us to a more convenient life in the near future. Businesses […]

How Cloud Technology Fuels Digital Transformation

Cloud is becoming a critical game-changer in enterprises and is also serving as a major resource and catalyst for promoting more effective dialog between the businesses and IT. IT services and business services are converging in a big way. The cloud accelerates and even facilitates digital transformation by: Driving new workflows and efficiencies Enabling customized […]


7 Reasons to Use Open Source for Product Development

Software products are growing rapidly, at a larger scale, and identifying the right technology to develop a strong and proper code base is a major challenge for product and platform organizations. Several considerations, including usability, scalability, availability, migration from legacy technologies, and various other factors influence the decision of selecting the right platform for delivering […]


Amplifying your business at Dreamforce 2016

2000+ sessions and thousands of live solutions from the world’s largest Cloud ecosystem, Dreamforce 2016 is a must attend gathering for technology and business enthusiasts. Dreamforce offers you content tailored to your industry needs, your roles and your organization size. Now that enterprises are making their way to get on to the roads of Dreamforce […]


Industry 4.0 and IoT- The emerging marketing trends

Each new technology that finds a prominent place for itself in the market can trigger off disruptive trends or changes in the market; and the reason- the utter speed at which the technology is adapted. In this infographic we try to explain those developments/trends that are going to impact the Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet […]

Best Practices for Developing CMS Architecture

Success of CMS depends on having a clear implementation strategy and plan, best suited for the organization. Architecture decisions leave a considerable impact on the stability and performance of your CMS. Adhering to a few best practices and criteria could help you save effort and cost while setting up your CMS infrastructure. This infographic details some […]


Understanding Mobile App Development Process

A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers. Mobile apps are quite common in current scenario and are beneficial for individuals as well as enterprises. Mobile apps enable enterprises to manage tasks and maintain their workflow […]


The Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) in Manufacturing Industry

Considered as the most significant technology initiative of the decade – IoT is predicted to add $10-$15 trillion to the global GDP in the next two decades. Companies like Siemens and Cisco have already embraced IoT in their manufacturing plants. The infographic here talks about the advantages of having IoT in the manufacturing industry.


Personalization Struggles in Marketing

For many, personalized marketing is targeted marketing at its best, where messages are created for individual consumers. These are usually automated processes where computer software is used to craft individual messages that go a long way in building relationships, but it does come with its set of unique challenges. Here are a few insights on […]