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Microsoft’s Surface Phone is here to surprise!

Tech-savvy consumers are always on the look-out with bated breath for innovative products hitting the market! Capturing the interest and intrigue of such customers, Microsoft is on its way to enter the mobile market in an all new fashion through its Surface Phone. Although Microsoft Corporation hasn’t had huge success in the mobile market, with […]

How Microsoft Cortana races against Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

While Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant and Amazon Echo were the major highlights of last week’s Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas, the tech giant Microsoft is not so far behind. Microsoft is already preparing the masterplan to conquer the voice-based assistant and app market. And in this effort, they have introduced cloud power to connected […]

Microsoft introduces the power of Cloud to connected cars

  Does it almost sound like Microsoft is building its own connected car? No, it isn’t. Microsoft is launching a new cloud platform for car manufacturers who want to leverage the potential of cloud to accelerate their connected car services. This new cloud platform will be Azure Cloud-based and we can expect a preview in […]


Creating SharePoint Online team sites in Office 365

Sometimes we fail to see the wood for the trees. We are so caught up in our bubble of work that we miss the bigger picture. And that’s never good for business. Each team member needs to be on the same page; there has to be clarity on developments; the plan of action must be […]

Microsoft introduces Insider Community Blog to boost Windows 10 development

Microsoft’s ardent fans and followers might be quite familiar with the Windows Insider Program that allows users with valid Windows 10 license to gain access to early builds and previews of Windows 10. Those in the Insider Community Blog Program can test previews of Windows 10 and suggest improvements and new features which will be […]

Understanding Business Rules in MS Dynamics CRM

Business Rules feature in MS Dynamics CRM gives us a lot of conditional functionalities that we can attach to fields on a form without using codes. Business rules in Dynamics CRM offers several user-friendly features. Before introducing business rules, these functionalities were achieved using JavaScript. Business Rules: Business rules which minimizes the need of complex […]


Microsoft officially unveils its latest AI powered chatbot,

  2016 was a fulfilling year for Microsoft, especially with the tech giant expanding its global AI (Artificial Intelligence) footprint. Microsoft is also facing tough competition on AI from its strong rivals like Salesforce, IBM and others. This week, Microsoft is unveiling its new bot – a package of translation and tools tied to AI. […]


Microsoft’s silent contest with Google and Apple

Microsoft’s foray into the mobile world currently dominated by its rivals Apple and Google has been quite slow, though the journey is continuous. They have very well expressed their ambitions in the mobile territory through the launch of Surface Phone. Though Windows 10 is a user-friendly platform, it does not hold the market share as […]


European union formally gives its nod to Microsoft-LinkedIn deal

Microsoft finally clears the last hurdle towards LinkedIn acquisition. The European Union has approved the acquisition yesterday. With the EU clearance, Microsoft has now obtained all the regulatory consent needed to complete the acquisition and close the deal by the end of the year. EU’s nod comes roughly six months after Microsoft announced its decision […]


How can Microsoft Azure Service Fabric help your business

Primarily a distributed systems platform, Microsoft Azure Service Fabric allows you to organize, assemble, install and manage micro-services in a reliable manner. With Service Fabric, you also receive consistent aid for problems you might face during the development and management of the cloud applications. Without distraction of dealing with complicated infrastructure issues, administrators and developers […]