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What are the Benefits of IoT integration with enterprise apps?

In the technology-driven world that we are in today, everything from customer relationships to business intelligence and supply chain is managed with complex software. With the Internet of Things (IoT) empowering users and leading the frontier in today’s digital revolution, organizations are consistently focusing their energies at increasing productivity through the deployment of new business […]

The role of AI and GPS in enterprise mobile apps

It’s like waiting for the release of that chartbuster movie. One look at the star cast and you know it is going to be a hit! Similarly, when it comes to the story of enterprise mobile apps, the lead players make its prospects look very promising. Both artificial intelligence (AI) and global positioning system (GPS) […]


How do enterprises benefit from Microservices Architecture

Microservices is born from the idea that some kinds of applications can be built and maintained in an easier way by breaking them down into small and compact units which can function together. Every part has a specific function and is separately built. It communicates with the other parts through universally reachable APIs. The application […]

Microsoft brings Solitaire to Android and iOS

Yesterday (23rd Nov), Microsoft introduced its most popular version of Solitaire Collection to iOS and Android platforms. The game has been existent on Windows for more than two decades now. For the first time, Microsoft is making the Solitaire Collection available outside Windows. Microsoft is now offering Solitaire to iOS and Android free of cost. […]


Microsoft Introduces New Cloud Bot Service for Azure

Microsoft is introducing a new cloud based bot service for its Azure platform. Now developers can create smart bots for Azure using the new addition to the Microsoft Bot Framework. The bots will operate on Azure functions and allow enterprises to improvise/scale them as needed. Using the Azure Bot Service, developers can build, connect, deploy, […]


Micro-Apps: The Minions of App-Development

Application development has been going through a rough patch for quite some time now. Since its birth in 1960s with the Assembler code, app-development has reached a point where it faces complaints of bloated projects, way-over-the-budget and no-shipping. The next era of apps will adapt to respond effectively to these challenges. What mutation would app-development […]

Developers turn Trailblazers with Salesforce

Salesforce is a great platform to build modern apps that people love! The session on ‘Salesforce for Developers’ focused on together, how they can build smarter and faster apps. Srini Tallapragada, President, Technology in Salesforce was the host for the session. Leah McGowen Hare, Director, Technology and Products in Salesforce, Emily Rose, Lead Developer Evangelist in […]


Mobile Security – Finding a Balance between Business and User needs

Taking a risk-based approach has always helped me find the right balance. —Niel Nickolaisen What is the first thing that you do when you wake up, that is even before you get out of your bed? Yes, that’s right! You check your mobile for Facebook updates, WhatsApp messages, personal and company email, updates from Owler, […]


3 Advantages of Investing in a Mobile Travel App

Gone are the days of large maps and guide books. Today, the world travels with nothing more than a smartphone for navigation. Right from booking tickets to planning itineraries, maps, reviews and navigation help, there is nothing that a smartphone cannot help you with. The relationship that we share with technology is getting more intense […]


Mobile app streaming for enhanced customer engagement

In a way, mobile apps are an antithesis of the main tenets of today’s digital revolution–convenience and speed. It is one characteristic feature of these apps that makes them slow down this instant gratification-seeking generation. You need to download it. The usual grind is that you download an app, use it once, maybe twice, and […]