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A step-by-step guide to configuring emails in MS Dynamics CRM

M S Dynamics allows you to send emails from CRM. You also have the option to create and manage email templates in MS Dynamics CRM, besides enhanced HTML editor. Read more: Email HTML Editor Control in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Create and Manage Email Templates in MS Dynamics CRM  The following steps describe how to configure […]


Email HTML Editor Control in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The existing HTML editor in Dynamics CRM has a lot of limitations because the following items cannot be inserted in an email. Image Table Link Horizontal Rule Special Character Block Quote In order to enhance the email experience and make it feature-rich, we are embedding a new HTML editor called “Line Control Editor” to MS […]

Understanding Business Rules in MS Dynamics CRM

Business Rules feature in MS Dynamics CRM gives us a lot of conditional functionalities that we can attach to fields on a form without using codes. Business rules in Dynamics CRM offers several user-friendly features. Before introducing business rules, these functionalities were achieved using JavaScript. Business Rules: Business rules which minimizes the need of complex […]


Create and Manage Email Templates in MS Dynamics CRM

Email templates are useful when a mass number of emails come into play. Email templates can either be personal or public email templates. Typically a template is associated with one record type. This blog describes how to create and manage email templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. Creating an email template: From the Main menu […]


How Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables digital transformation

Nestled under the punch-line “Enable your organization to grow, evolve and transform”, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based service which aims to respond holistically to specific business requirements through tailor-made apps. These needs will include operations, sales automation and customer service. The services make efficient use of two of the most fertile technologies, analytics and […]


Microsoft Dynamics 365 app for Outlook will be released soon!

Now you can tap the power of Microsoft dynamics 365 directly from Microsoft Outlook. Yes, Microsoft announces the next generation of the app—Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. This will be available with the December 2016 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365.   Dynamics CRM App for Outlook was first introduced in the beginning of 2016. With […]


What’s new in MS Dynamics AX as compared to other ERP technology?

The tech space is continuously evolving; with new technologies unlocking new possibilities by the day. Enterprises who wish to remain relevant have no choice but to overhaul their products and processes, and offer cutting edge solutions that leverage new possibilities. While ERP has delivered significant advantages for enterprises, chunky interfaces, long learning curve, and serious […]


Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Cloud-Based Integration of CRM and ERP

On 6th July 2016, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource which bring under a single cloud-based platform; the powers of ERP and CRM.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be leading the next step ahead in business transformation, providing efficient ways to employ modern communication technology for business needs.   Deemed as a ‘transformative-centric’ release, the […]

Fantasy Sales Team in MS Dynamics CRM

In one of our previous posts, we saw the new and cool features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This post will walk you through the Fantasy Sales team, a niche feature integrated to MS Dynamics CRM. Founded by Adam Hollander, the Fantasy Sales Team was later acquired by Microsoft in August 2015. So, what is all […]


SLAs and Queues in MS Dynamics CRM

In our previous two posts we saw how case management happens in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this piece, let us analyze the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Queues in Dynamics CRM. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Service Level Agreements offer an easy and convenient way to track the time taken by service representatives to solve support […]