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Impact of UX on Wearables and IoT

User Experience (UX) seems to be a simple term, but on the contrary it is at the very core of all technological innovations happening around us be it interaction with service providers, products, mobile apps, smartphones and wearables. Gaining a customer is a feat in itself but to keep them coming back for more is […]


Going Global: Are travel websites disabled-friendly?

With over 1 billion disabled people around the world, it is critical for enterprises to let their virtual world be governed by inclusivity and accessibility. There are rarely any tasks populating our day which is not in some way connected to the digital. Building a positive customer journey is currently the make-or-break point for most […]


Role of chatbots in enhancing customer experience

Craving for the Pizza? You can order a Dominos over the Facebook messenger. Dominos chatbot will help you with choosing the toppings as well. Having a difficult time planning your vacation? A chat with Taylor will help you plan the trip discussing cities you want to visit, places to sleep and even work if you […]


JupyterLab – the next-generation user interface for Developers

The developers for very long yearned for a collection of plugins that could communicate with one another. That’s how JupyterLab, was built as a plugin-powered framework, a new product formed as a result of re-work of Jupyter. Project Jupyter provides building blocks for interactive and exploratory computing that make data science reproducible across over 40 […]


The UX Design Principles for an Engaging Mobile Application

Mobile apps have become an inseparable part of every smart phone. Mobile apps are designed and popularized by different business organizations as it is an ideal medium for business promotion and taking a product to the customers. Companies contend to bring new and exciting mobile apps that create an eagerness among people to download. Unfortunately, […]


Key Principles of Google Material Design

Until five years ago, people had to get used to the distracting means in which the look, layout and controls of any Google product interface changed according to the device a person used. For example, when a person logged in to their Gmail account on their tablet, smart phones, desktop, television or laptop, the layout […]


How does a good UX enhance your sales

  Amidst the scramble to get good content, boost SEO, and other time-honored marketing efforts, most of the marketers underestimate the importance of ensuring top-notch UX in driving sales. The user experience (UX) is the feeling users encounter when interacting with the website, app, or any other online digital channel. Website owners try to enhance […]


Understanding User Experience (UX) better

UX and UI- are two of the most heard and often confused buzzwords in the design arena. These two terms are often used interchangeably by those who don’t really know the difference. Though this piece attempts to lay more emphasis on User Experience or UX, it is critical to understand the exact difference between UX […]


Real Time Personalization in Sitecore Experience Profile

Personalization is the ability to respond to a specific user’s online actions and behaviors in a customized way to meet his or her specific needs. Providing a personalized e-commerce experience increases customer satisfaction, which, in turn maximizes online profits. Success in driving online sales depends highly on presenting the right information and right offers at […]

Influence of In-App Analytics in enhancing Mobile User Experience

In-App Analytics is the health report of an application, putting forward a holistic record of how users have encountered and experienced the app, as a whole and as a stream of certain features. When an enterprise receives analytics on the behavior of an app, it has access to information that are critical for development of […]