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Suyati offers Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) development for customers based out of Florida. Our capabilities range from out-of-the-box CTI solutions to pre-integrated solutions with leading CRM tools that allow for fully customized CTI implementations for users in Florida. We offer high-performance, scalable solutions for configuring and deploying CTI applications with third-party platforms including CRMs and workflow solutions.

Suyati’s unique specialization and niche capabilities offer its customers world-class and cutting edge solutions in Open CTI development and integration for major CRMs like Salesforce. We have deployed custom technology solutions for various customers in the US and particularly in Florida. Integrating your CTI system with your CRM ensures that you make the best use of your customer data that is already available. Following statistics show that CTI lays the foundation for a cost effective contact center:

  • Handling a call on first contact


    customer retention

  • Each subsequent contact


    customer loss

  • Customers with positive contact center experience

    more likely to repurchase

Our Florida-based CTI development capabilities include:

  • Building CTI cross-platform applications/ adapters
  • Interface adapters between disparate proprietary platforms
  • Enable platform interface to produce reports
  • Intelligent IVRS based applications like conference bridges/ call routers
  • Validating systems across any underlying telephony platform
  • Agent desktop & CTI pop-up applications
  • Real-time access to customer data
  • Automatic call logging
  • Facilitate one-click calls

Open CTI- Salesforce integration benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency
  • Positive business impacts
  • Employee empowerment

Suyati’s Open CTI integration with Salesforce constitutes:

  • Removing the need for adapters & plug-ins
  • Providing easy scalability
  • Separate installations not required on each system
  • Easy maintenance of the stand-alone adapters
  • Saving time and effort
  • CTI system independent of specific browsers & platforms
  • Creating customizable SoftPhones for each user

Open CTI is cloud based and comes with a single code base. The whole organization can transform to Open CTI with a single installation process. CTI integration enables interaction with other third-party applications to help provide a more enriching experience to the end-user.

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"Suyati expertly managed the transition from our previous development partner and were up to speed in no time. Since taking over, they have delivered all product enhancements on schedule and in a more cost effective way."

Aaron Sweetman - Co-founder SalesITV

"The DGT model allows us to work closely with Suyati to hire the most talented people in the market and offers us great flexibility in scaling and deploying those resources."

Randy Davis - Author Solutions LLC

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