The manufacturing industry is gearing up for Industry 4.0 – a revolutionary phase that is set to change the way this sector works. Transformation, optimization, integration and greater efficiency are the keywords of Industry 4.0. The new digital industrial technology will focus on integrating machines and IT systems with the value chain, enabling them to communicate with each other for easy data analysis, quick self-configurations, and failure predictions. Ultimately, the aim is to increase manufacturing productivity, boost economics, nurture industrial growth, and alter the profile of the workforce.

When Industry 4.0 is at the threshold of revolutionizing the manufacturing sector, do you think it’s enough to achieve just operational excellence in your business?

The answer is NO!

Digital maturity is at a nascent stage in the manufacturing industry. What you need right now is DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – a customized solution for the industrial sector that dramatically changes the way communication occurs through the value chain, opens doors to innovation and makes a direct impact on the top line.

Legacy software can slow down value chains and cripple your chances of drawing critical insights from the oceans of data out there.

Digital transformation, on the other hand, can:

  • Improve value proposition
  • Boost customer relations even in a B2B scenario, and
  • Enhance market position

According to a study, 75% of manufacturing companies agree that digital transformation will help leverage their competitive position. And in 10 years, companies that are not sufficiently digitized would be driven out of the market!

Don’t be a digital beginner. Be a digital leader in the manufacturing economy.

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Our Expertise In the Industrial Manufacturing Sector

We have worked with some of the leading names in the global manufacturing industry, offering our clients value-driven digital transformation software services. We have helped our clients in modernizing their legacy systems and shifting their work process to the Cloud in its entirety, with zero downtime and 100% assurance of data security.

Our expertise in the manufacturing vertical includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Technical support/maintenance/enhancement of intranet applications globally
  • ERP integrations with custom application including business intelligence
  • Lead tracking using custom software
  • High traffic public websites powered by enterprise CMS
  • SharePoint app for technical collaboration
  • Custom enterprise emailing application for targeted announcement and notifications
  • Active directory based authentications on intranet apps
  • Timely migration of legacy apps to newer technologies—newer technologies include MVC 5 and Entity framework

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The Suyati Story

Established in 2009, Suyati Technologies has grown exponentially to provide marketing technology and integration services for companies that wish to combine the best-of-breed solutions, and create a unified approach to customer acquisition.

Our unified digital marketing approach is strengthened by approximately 150 employees, who work towards offering system integration between various CMS and CRM platforms, and delivering a slew of ecommerce, marketing automation, social media listening, email and social marketing, and customer service systems. Suyati’s custom technology solutions have been deployed in companies in the US, Western Europe and Australia.


Suyati is proud to be associated with the who’s who of the technology world. Our technical expertise has led to global partnerships that act as our backbone in delivering the finest digital experiences seamlessly.