Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation involves the journey of businesses towards attaining continuous optimization in their customer services, business processes, and competencies using digital technologies. On the top of the list are the disruptive technologies including Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, and IoT that Suyati leverages to redefine our customers’ experiences, relationships, and transactions. Our digital solutions are such that enterprises succeed in customer acquisition and customer retention that just come up as the natural by-products. Become the industry leader with Suyati digital and see your business soaring heights of triumph!

To break the traditional silos, we have designed a three-part digital solution map that includes Experiences, Relationships, and Transactions.


Our consultants and solution architects design your digital solutions taking into account how your customers’ interact with your brand. We look at the possibilities of what you can deliver your customers beyond just customer support. Suyati strongly believes that archaic customer service and support processes must be tweaked fundamentally to embrace new operating models that encompass the path-breaking technologies (Social, Media, Analytics, Mobility, IoT). Our digital strategy also involves multi-channel compatibility which is critical to redefine customer experience in the digital era.

Rebuilding customer experience in the digital age

Suyati has partnered in the digital transformation initiatives of a leading educational institution in the US. As an ideal technology and strategy partner, we helped in realigning their existing CRM system and also building a world-class website with responsive UI. Our solutions were not just limited to developing and launching the application successfully, but also providing a holistic support in improving their customer experience.


The digital invasion drastically changes the way your customers interact, purchase or share their experiences with you. We empower our clients and partners to solicit and nurture enduring relationships with their customers that take them far beyond the initial phase of the sale. This, in turn, helps you deliver greater transparency and increased comfort when your customers engage with you. Beyond technical solutions, our mar tech solutions lay out strategies critical for building and fostering strong relationships in today’s business on all channels.

Nurturing customer relations through digital channels

A US-based self-publishing giant providing technology enabled publishing services to aspiring authors wanted their customer relationship management system to be more efficient in addressing their customer needs. With customers belonging to multiple geographies, they lacked a unified business model which is indispensable for any business to take their customer relations forward. Suyati empowered the client by infusing a unified business model after identifying the commonalities of each client.


Whether you run a physical store or an e-store, your customers must be able to reach you anywhere, anytime, and from any location. Give your retail business approach a profound facelift with Suyati’s retail and ecommerce solutions. Our vision is to offer your customers unparalleled omni-channel retailing experience- that is, a combination of mobile, brick and mortar store, and e-tailing. We also integrate advanced mobile payment options, delivery and return/ refund options which also involve security and convenience. Suyati’s retail transaction solutions are flexible, secured and channel optimized.

Supporting retail industry with secured and flexible omni-channel solutions

A leading seafood supplier with a global presence wanted to build a B2C website with e-commerce functionalities integrated in order to facilitate online purchase of seafood. In addition to a responsive website, the client also needed a mobile app with features built-in for each kind of user (admin, retailer, staff and customer). Suyati’s team of Magento experts created a website with all the aspects of ecommerce assimilated skillfully. We helped the client find the right path to omnichannel adoption for their brand based on their end customers, competitors, physical and digital assets and various other factors.