Ektron & Suyati – Picking up the pace

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

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Another visit to Ektron, which naturally translates to another wonderful experience! CEO Bill Rogers and team were gracious hosts, and together, we planned – for the future.

In light of Suyati’s myriad Ektron contributions, Bill informed me that Suyati is soon to be included in the featured partner’s page. This news started the day on a perfect note – and it kept getting better!

Bill, along with Chris Rogers (VP – Business Development) and Tom O’Brien (VP – Product Management), confirmed that Suyati’s cutting-edge Exact Target connector widget had exceeded expectations. All of us agreed that Exact Target is all set to add zip to the market, as well as a lot of value to Ektron’s clients.

We later discussed how Voraka could solve content creation work flow challenges, and how it could even be integrated with Ektron. We also dwelt on how Voraka could be leveraged by an Ektron customer in need of a content creation engine.

I had fruitful conversations regarding Suyati’s unique DGT (Dedicated Global Team) model of engagement, with Ben Schilens (Senior VP – Client Operations) and  Alpesh Patel (VP – Engineering). Our reseller agreement with Ektron was formalized and signed. After this, we discussed other smart Ektron widgets that Suyati could build to take advantage of gaps in the market.

Food for thought – Ektron CEO Bill Rogers & Ben Schilens (Senior VP - Client Operations) treat me to an awesome lunch. Thanks!
Food for thought – Ektron CEO Bill Rogers & Ben Schilens (Senior VP – Client Operations) treat me to an awesome lunch. Thanks!


So, was it all work and no play? Absolutely not – this philosophy does not gel with either Ektron or Suyati. I was honored to share a relaxed (but heavy!) lunch with Bill and Ben. I also had the privilege of meeting Chip Greer (Chief Sales & Marketing Officer) and Bob Canaway (VP – Marketing) to discuss content services for Ektron and its clients.

In short, we are thrilled to be connecting with Ektron on many fronts and expanding our relationship. And, as both of us grow rapidly, the team at Suyati looks forward to a close, enduring relationship that drives this growth further.

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