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Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

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Limited Price. Limitless innovation.

Suyati’s Fixed Price model of engagement offers three clear and distinct advantages:

  • You know the exact scope of the project, including timeline and deliverables
  • You know exactly what you have to pay
  • You pay based on milestones or partial deliverables

The Fixed Price model is perfect when you have a clearly defined goal to be achieved in the short-term. In addition, it also works well when you have an emergency, and need to fix a product or solution that is broken or incomplete.

At Suyati, our dexterous IT team has the expertise as well as experience to kick-start a project in a flash, and deliver to your specifications, based on the timeline. So whether you need to fix your Java app, upgrade your Microsoft product, or anything similar, our team gets into high gear very quick.

The Fixed Price model is ideal for:

  • Developing and packaging apps
  • Coordinating the Security Review Process
  • License, Release and Patch Management
  • AppExchange Product and Publisher Listing and Branding
  • Installation, Integration and Publishing apps to AppExchange

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