Time & Material

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

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Fixed Time. Fixed Material. Yet, fixated on continual perfection.

Suyati’s Time & Material model of engagement implies that you pay by the hour, for the work executed. Businesses prefer this model of outsourcing when they are faced with long-term projects that need varied expertise.

Distinct advantages include:

  • Ongoing creation and maintenance of IT projects and processes
  • Ability to restrict costs and output, based on business needs
  • Control deliverables and manage vendor team’s time

The Time & Material model works best when you have an open-ended requirement or project, with the need to manage and monitor the team’s inputs and outputs. This is perfect if you are just getting started with an idea, or need some preliminary ground work done before embarking on a long-term project.

So whether you need to create a new application from scratch, or quickly churn out a prototype to test the waters, we have the ability to assemble teams in a jiffy and work to your requirements as they evolve.

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