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Tapping Talent. Delivering Top Performance.

The IT industry has been built on cutting edge talent. And having the perfect personnel in place at the right time makes all the difference. We would know, considering that we have been involved in million-dollar software projects over the past half a decade, including outsourced US projects. They have covered technologies like DotNet, Salesforce, Magento, Php and Ektron. In this period, we have honed the recruiting process down to a fine art, resulting in one of the lowest attrition rates in the business.

With businesses fighting globally for a competitive edge, it is imperative to be nimble enough to take advantage of any opportunities on offer. It may mean assembling a team at a short notice, or adding staff to make up for what your team is missing. Either way, not only is it difficult to find the right professionals, it can also be a time consuming process—enough time for a competitor to grab the opportunity.

Our IT staffing and consulting services offer the perfect solution, no matter what the need. Our process of finding the right fit for you is as rigorous as it is thorough. We handpick staff based on each company’s unique needs. We select candidates based on not just technical proficiency, but also on other vital criteria like the perfect cultural fit, communication skills, and team playing abilities.

So, irrespective of whether your aim is to shoot down hiring costs, build your team, or take on new talent for a short, productive burst, we are expertly placed to offer the best solution.

IT Staffing & Consulting Services

Temporary/ Contract Staffing

Ideal when you have a short term shortage of talent or skills in a niche area, it is the ideal way to prepare for impending projects, adjust for peak season workloads, scale to finish projects quicker, or fill a short term need. Contract Staffing helps ensure that your team has all the needed skills, without the hassles of recruitment, while simultaneously bringing down human resources costs.


When you are looking to hire for the long term, yet unwilling to take on someone until you are doubly sure, Contract2Hire Staffing is perfect for you. This process is similar to contract hiring, with the added benefit of having the first call on retaining the person, and extending it to permanent employment. It is ideally suited for lead roles, or when the company culture is especially unique.

Outsourced Staffing

This works when you want to hire top talent, but don’t have the resources to devote the time, energy and money it would take to pick the best. With Suyati’s extensive knowledge of the IT industry, as well as a rich database of talent, we are well placed to drive you towards your business goals.

IT Staffing Services – Developer Technologies covered

We offer personnel with a wide variety of skillsets. Apart from common ones like Java, Ruby-on-Rails, Testing (QA), etc., we specialize in:

  • DotNet
  • Salesforce
  • Magento
  • Php
  • Ektron

Staffing or Outsourcing?

While a comprehensive answer will require deep analysis and could even involve a combination of the two, here is a rough guideline. If you seek to fill a part of the puzzle, then staffing is the better option, but if you are seeking to solve the entire puzzle itself, then outsourcing is the preferred route to take.

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