How innovative is your product development?

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

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A recent study by Forrester provides a striking insight to  the changing face of  innovation. Customers are increasingly depending on their vendors for innovation, due to  lack of in-house skillsets to generate ideas or the money to invest in research and development. This is a big opportunity for   vendors to formulate a model that can create innovation for their customers.

But there are some differences in the way innovation is perceived by the client and the vendor. Firstly, clients are not looking  at just some ways to save costs and are instead looking at  ways to create competitive advantages, improve market share and double  the ROI.

The research showed that not many vendors succeed in meeting  this expectation. There are some good reasons why they fall short:

  • Lack of a common or mutual definition for innovation in IT
  • Innovating for the sake of innovation, which in turn does not help the business Focus on administrative innovation in the form of process improvements, project management etc.

Companies want their vendors to come up with ideas that can create value and even change the way the business is done! For this to be articulated,  clients would also have to,    invest in areas other than just IT  and work on;

  • Building relationships with IT and other business related teams like Operations, Marketing, and the PMO
  • Creating strategic partnerships with the vendors and, not just focus on cost and contracts

Fostering relationships will help  vendors  understand the business in depth and will also  play a better role in formulating business strategies and facing challenges. This would help evolve into a system that will take innovation to a newer level,  one that will involve joint ventures and joint intellectual property.

At Suyati Technologies, our Dedicated Global Team (DGT) model helps our clients achieve competitive advantage by trying to articulate innovation and translating it into robust applications. By its very nature, DGT makes sure that any concerns you may have about outsourcing – IP security, inter cultural communication issues and flexibility in the velocity of application delivery – is taken care of. This is especially beneficial when you need to complete small, time bound projects economically. Our on-time delivery, transparent cost structure and competent project and process management is helping our DGT and Suyati build long lasting relationships with clients all around the world. Including Spain!


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