Suyati is on the verge of becoming a Salesforce Power House to make you the digital leader of tomorrow. Salesforce is the tool we rely on to manage our relations with the digital customer. This cloud-based CRM that can propel your business relationships has captured our imagination.

With careful planning in the use of this cutting-edge CRM, we’ve seen a healthy increase in our lead volumes, conversion rates, revenue, and customer retention.  It has freed up quite a bit of our precious time, too.

Our Salesforce application development expertise includes enterprise-wide applications, as well as Salesforce and AppExchange consultation; more of which can be learned from HERE.

We can help you in the following areas:



  • Customizing the CRM to adapt your organization’s unique workflows
  • Adapt existing processes
  • Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Development 100 % code coverage


  • Extend the CRM using Apex, VisualForce
  • Extending platform for different verticals, like publishing, healthcare, retail and so on
  • Developing Visual Force Pages, Websites, Apex, Administration
  • Following coding standards, as well as avoiding Salesforce limits in SOQL


  • Migration from CRMs, ERPs, Excel & databases
  • Data migration of millions of data via ETLs like DbAmp
  • SQL Server SSIS to Salesforce Service API calls for data push


  • Integrating third-party applications
  • NET/ Java applications, CMS, Marketing tools
  • Google Maps, BizTalk, DocuSign
  • ELAN, Social Integration

App Exchange Consultation

  • Development and packaging
  • Security review process
  • License, release and patch
  • Product, publisher listing, branding
  • Installation, integration & publishing