Sugar CRM initially started out as an open source project, has now diversified into both community versions that are free, and feature-rich professional versions that must be paid for. Today, Sugar is the complete CRM, which streamlines your sales processes, ensuring that customers are moved up the sales cycle, faster and smarter.

Sugar automates all the main sales, customer service and marketing outreach processes, ensuring a coordinated and collaborative approach to customer delight. What sets this CRM apart, is the focus on the individual. Each user gets breakthrough functionality that makes this tool a pleasure to use. The result is extremely high adoption rates, and greater, clearer business insights.

Sugar comes with the option of either an on-premises or cloud based system. And the best part is that the source code is accessible – implying that it should be easy to get the CRM working perfectly for your needs.

The basic features offered are:

  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Scheduled data backups
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile device accessibility
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Support Automation
  • Customer Service / Call Center Automation
  • Integration via web services API
  • Advanced Customizable Reporting
  • Customizable Forecasting
  • Business Process Workflow
  • Sugar Mobile
  • Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Customer self-service portal