Attain an Integrated School Management System using Salesforce Community Cloud and VLE

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The Education sector has seen significant transformation in the last decade. The challenges of high cost, limited reach and quality have been overcome by embracing the Cloud. Taking it a step further, Cloud is now used for more critical applications in helping the education sector to be more collaborative and innovative with unique resources readily available to all students.

A year back, the client, a leading international institution in the UK,  approached us to implement the latest CRM solution and develop a holistic support system to ease their processes like student registration, keeping record of all their staff and students, information on the course modules students have completed and opted for, and the payment record.

The client is now seeing an increase in student enrollment. This can very well be attributed to the integration of critical applications like SIS and VLE that Suyati has facilitated for them to achieve smooth functioning of the entire process.

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