Creating a Single Salesforce Instance for a Self-Publishing Giant

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A US-based self-publishing giant providing technology enabled publishing services to aspiring authors. A client with a huge global presence having around 36 country-specific websites that offer different self-publishing services to its customers. The organization makes publishing accessible and affordable to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

The client provides customized self-publishing packages to its users, and runs a 24*7 customer support through an internal order portal to onboard new as well as existing customers into self-publishing projects. Salesforce CRM is the business logic container for the client and all customer data gets into Salesforce from various web services. They required a strategic technology partner who can help them in establishing a unified business model to leverage the full potential of Salesforce to procure a strong berth in the self-publishing business. Suyati provided a Dedicated Global Team to effectively manage multiple Salesforce orgs for a US based pioneer in the self-publishing domain

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