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Suyati’s BizTalk skills empower cloud-based integration services across various locations for B2B as well as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions. We help create a secure, dedicated, environment to enable transfer of data and ideas. This flexible platform helps us design robust solutions to integrate on-site, SaaS, and cloud services, enhanced with user-friendly, config-driven interfaces.

Perhaps the biggest strength of Microsoft BizTalk is to create advanced product solutions with a streamlined approach that can co-relate all the work being done on different technologies, and even on different platforms. We have also used Microsoft BizTalk to coordinate and further development activities across geographically dispersed locations.

Our expertise on Microsoft BizTalk includes:

  • File Management applications to route user credentials to both the database and a secured data repository after encryption
  • Integration of applications belonging to various grounds such as supply chain management, accounting, resource planning and so on. Also connecting the same to a Commerce Web Server for dispatching orders to the integrated warehouse application
  • Creating applications that simultaneously registers data to a favored Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) as well as to the datacenter
  • Building applications that can access custom services which are platform oriented, as well as generic services
  • Developing applications that monitor the flow of data between multiple business partners such as the distributor and buyer, or between the distributor and an organization
  • Creating applications that routes heavy resource consuming jobs into queue so as to balance the load efficiently

Our Clients

At Suyati, I've witnessed true entrepreneurial spirit, practised in word and deed, team work executed with elan, and a work culture that breeds innovation and the willingness to go the extra mile in the search for excellence.

Gian Kolbjornsen ,Chief Innovation Officer at Xait

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We have worked with the Suyati team to implement a key workflow on CRM. The Salesforce team was very patient and responsive to our requests. Suyati is a “customer-first” organization and I would definitely use them again.

Cara Sterling , Director|Health Care Initiative, Harvard Business School

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Suyati expertly managed the transition from our previous development partner and were up to speed in no time. Since taking over, they have delivered all product enhancements on schedule and in a more cost effective way. Their dexterity and knowledge of the Salesforce and Salesforce1 platforms have made them an invaluable partner to SalesITV.

Aaron Sweetman ,Co-founder, SalesITV

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Suyati has far superseded our expectations from preliminaries to project completion. We have undertaken many projects with the same scope of works as this project with European and American companies. Never has a project produced such proactive, fast, tangible results. Communication and understanding of our vision and needs prior to programming was outstanding. We will continue our relationship with Suyati, we have further website and salesforce development requirements and we have not hesitation in choosing Suyati. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Laura Martinez ,Founder & CEO, Solar & Glass Living Group

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Suyati has a proactive, focused and technically competent team that delivers to our needs time and again. The infrastructure at Suyati is world class making the communications with our teams very smooth. Suyati’s security policies, physical and system safeguards and the integrity of the leadership ensure that our IP developed at Suyati remains totally secure.

Gerry Bailey ,CIO, Fifth Gear LLC

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