Breaking away from traditional relational database is MongoDB—a NoSQL, document database that enables high-powered businesses across the globe to harness the power of data. So whether you want to build new applications or improve the efficiency of the existing ones, cut costs on applications, gain a competitive advantage by offering quick solutions, or respond to customer queries on the double, MongoDB can make them possible across various verticals.

With over 20 years of collective industry experience, Suyati’s expertise in Open Source, PHP and MongoDB is manifested by a team of 6+ developers and product engineering consultants. We are, in fact, a ready partner for MongoDB, acknowledged by the organization themselves.

Suyati’s expertise in the NoSQL document database has been established by:

  • The development of Mongologue—a framework that facilitates the creation of Twitter-like microblogging sites.
  • The creation of a social media platform based on a highly customized version of theMongologue framework. Built for use by a specific target group, the platform surmounted the challenges of Big Data, giving students the opportunity to share text, pictures and videos among peers belonging to their own and other schools and universities.