10 M-Commerce Best Practice Guidelines

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Mobile commerce now generates more than 20% of e-commerce sales. Online retailers must ensure their sales work well across all devices and provide personalized experience to shoppers. This White Paper details the 10 best practices to perfect your mobile commerce strategy.

Mobile internet is growing by leaps and bounds. Already, more people access the Internet using their mobile devices, compared to their desktops. This reflects in ecommerce as well. E-marketer estimates 25% of all online retail sales to take place through mobile devices, by 2017. M-commerce sales are likewise expected to increase by 82% from, $24.81 billion in 2012, to $71.16 billion in 2015, and to $108.56 billion, by 2017. Marketers seeking a slice of the highly competitive ecommerce pie cannot afford to take the mobile space for granted. Simply optimizing their websites for the mobile, or rolling out a responsive website is not enough. Marketers need to monitor the m commerce space on a proactive basis, and make sure to incorporate the latest trends and customer preferences, to optimize their mobile strategy. In this, the following best practices would help.

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