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Setting up operations in India (Part 2): IT outsourcing as long term alternative

For small and medium-sized companies, setting up an operation in India can be a long and rocky road. Because it is hard to predict whether this investment of time and money as well as the administrative efforts are worthwhile, most small and medium-sized enterprises decide to partner with an IT outsourcing vendor instead. Indeed, IT […]


Setting up operations in India (Part 1) – good investment or incalculable risk?

The fact that companies like IBM, Daimler and Bosch are operating facilities in India since several years, reveal that their investments (and calculated risk) have proven to be good. But is it  also advisable for small and medium-sized enterprises to immediately set up an operational base in India? The inevitable answer: It depends! The success […]

The only question you need to ask your IT outsourcing vendors – Why is your rate so low?

Last week we posted 4 questions every CEO needs to ask his IT outsourcing vendor. But frankly, a CEO needs to ask only one question – why is your rate so low? Global parity has ensured that low wages is something that you can only dream about. With IT professionals able to pick and choose […]


Suyati’s CEO at the 7th Indo-German ICT Conference, Cologne – Germany

NASSCOM and BITKOM are jointly organizing the 7th Indo-German ICT Conference in Cologne, Germany on the 9th and 10th of June. Titled “New Realities in the GLOBALIZED World”, this conference focuses on increasing Indo-German collaboration in business, especially for ICT companies. Heinz-Paul Bonn, Vice President of BITKOM: “It is my sincere belief that the conference-related […]

4 questions every CEO must ask their IT sourcing vendor

The last time I checked, had 4873 books on IT outsourcing. That is a lot of ink wasted on something that ought to be obvious and intuitive! Outsourcing your IT work is a no-brainer. But choosing the right outsourcing vendor who will partner with you to grow your business is not.  Here are 4 […]


Indian IT-BPO sector to grow by 19% in 2011

Picture – Suyati Kochi office India’s IT-BPO sector is all set to create history in 2011. After 2 years of sluggish growth, and “love me-hate me” relationship with its clients, the IT-BPO sector in India is seeing tremendous growth opportunities this year, says Nasscom President Som Mittal. And the reason? A paradigm shift in the […]