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5-point checklist to select the right outsourcing partner

In this overheated outsourcing market, choosing the right partner to outsource your product development is extremely risky. With every outsourcing company promising you the best and the brightest, how do you ensure that you select, and retain, the best team for your needs? Use this checklist to choose an outsourcing partner for the long haul, […]

When the fire alarm goes off, where is your exit?

What is the first thing companies SHOULD PAY ATTENTION to when they are about to sign a contract with an IT partner? Look for ways to exit! While it is not always easy to think of exit clauses when you say “I Do!” that is exactly what you need to do when you are going […]


The Cha(lle)nging Role of the CIO–Part 2

Customer satisfaction.  Experience management.  Effective communication. Sounds familiar? Surprisingly these phrases do not come from a Chief Sales Officer’s job description. It is part of the Chief Information Officer’s new role in today’s business organization. In the first part of our blog on the Changing role of the CIO, we  saw how CIOs, who once […]

Is your offshore venture a Success?

What do you think are the main reasons  that made you go in for an offshore set up? Is it cost savings, and only cost savings? If then, you need a huge reality check! Gone are the days when companies considered cost factor as the cornerstone for any form of outsourcing. In an interview with […]

How Innovative is your Product Development?

A recent study by Forrester provides a striking insight to the changing face of innovation. Customers are increasingly depending on their vendors for innovation, due to lack of in-house skill sets to generate ideas or the money to invest in research and development. This is a big opportunity for vendors to formulate a model that […]

Getting Ready For The Double Dip? We are!

Nope, we are not talking about icecreams! The world is heading towards another recession – what the economists claim as the double dip effect. The good news, at least for outsourcing providers, is that it is not as severe as it looks. In fact, the first “dip” taught a few lessons to IT outsourcing providers […]


Europe: The next big geo for IT outsourcing

North America has been the hottest source for the IT-BPO industry in India and it still is with 70% contribution. Europe on the other hand, despite the turmoil in some parts of it, will change this soon. The Germanic region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) represent a $53 billion market.  And BPO alone is estimated to […]

Innovation in your application development: in Spain and beyond!

In our previous blog we commented on the latest trend in IT – CIOs start building their own custom software instead of buying or sourcing them from the cloud. In spite of the availability of more economical and ready-made/packaged business apps in the cloud, or Enterprise wide comprehensive solutions, businesses still think that the best […]


The Cha(lle)nging role of the CIO today

When all think alike, then no one is thinking – Walter Lippman Our previous blog on how Chief Information Officers (CIOs) rely on creating custom business applications to increase their competitive edge is an indication of things to come for the IT industry.  The need to create something unique that is based on business needs […]