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2012 Outsourcing Trends to watch out for

With the global downturn and companies declaring mediocre annual results, IT outsourcing may take a hit. However, 2012 will see companies revamping their outsourcing policies, creating newer engagement models, and ensuring that more and more could be achieved with less. Here are a few outsourcing trends we feel CIOs need to watch out for: Pricing […]

Small Businesses – Big Finance Troubles? Tips for a better 2012!

It’s never too late. Yes, never too late to figure out your finances and set things straight for the year ahead. Now is the perfect time to begin, especially for small business owners to plan their finances, get organized, and have a financial roadmap set for the entire year.  Here, are a few quick steps […]

Are you wasting your IT resources?

Some out-dated practices still exist in your IT organization. Shocked? Probably not, if you know your organization well. Whether it is resetting passwords, manual account creation, laying out the cable, or managing your printer issues, we bet you are spending time and money to manage these processes. While this is okay if you are a […]


Small Businesses – Big Technology Troubles!

Small business startup problems cannot be avoided. These problems are agnostic to what industry your business caters to – technology  to support operations, finance to manage resources – the list of problem areas can go on! We know for a fact that many small businesses start really small and are unable to estimate business volumes […]

2012 – Now Real Time!

Salesforce put its foot forward in the world of real time processing, with the acquisition of the startup DimDim last year, and has not looked back since then.  Salesforce recently announced introduction of Chatter, a social collaboration tool, that is capable of providing real time instant messaging and screen sharing capabilities. While many businesses use […]

What technology does Facebook invest in?

Companies invest in Facebook – either in terms of money (IPO anyone?), time, or resources. But what does Facebook invest in? With an 845 million user-base, how is this social networking upstart planning to compete with offerings from technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Apple? Facebook is perhaps the largest technology company that works […]


Make mobile the New Face for Customer Engagement

Have you redesigned your business processes to facilitate mobile engagement? If not, you are in danger of losing out, no matter how strong your customer engagement strategy happens to be. The rapid proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices makes mobile the new face of customer engagement. The fact that the customer has access […]


Cloud Now!

Cloud Computing is a concept whereby shared resources, data and software are delivered to computers as a ‘pay per use’ service. Experts believe that in the near future, the cloud will be an important part of a company’s IT infrastructure. This was certainly the view expressed by Michael Barnes, the Principal Analyst APAC at Forrester […]

IT Outsourcing – You never get what you ask for, but what you negotiate!

Nothing comes easy. IT Outsourcing, most certainly not. Even as IT outsourcing continues to grow and expand, standardized service offerings are being introduced, and customers are provided varied pricing options. All these, while the maturing IT outsourcing market tightens service levels, contracts and pricing models. Complications and complexities in IT outsourcing deals are a result […]


How secure is your business?

A new cyber security report from Symantec, called ‘Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report’, which was released in May, 2012, throws light on major Internet security trends and threats of 2011 including mobile attacks, new focus on emerging hackers, and the fallouts of data breaches. The facts contained in the report are pretty interesting and thought […]