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Why healthcare firms prefer cloud to on-premises for managing data?

The reach of cloud computing is happening at a slow pace, especially with the hesitant traditional industries taking enormous time to move their resources to cloud. Interestingly, a recent study reveals the willingness of healthcare services to welcome cloud at a rapid leap. The research furthers that many of the healthcare IT professionals believe their […]

Software Companies Riding the Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises across the globe are digitizing their businesses at a remarkable pace. To drive growth and opportunity, software partners are accelerating advancements in AI across their platforms and services. The shift in Microsoft’s focus from hardware to its cloud business and software has definitely increased its revenue. Microsoft saw a revenue rise of 47 per […]

Salesforce makes its way to Australia- Thanks to AWS Cloud

2017 is witnessing the foray of Salesforce CRM into Australia, Sydney AWS region. Very soon the platform will be available from Australian data centers, says Salesforce. The world CRM leader is collaborating with Amazon Web Services Cloud in the Sydney region to make the CRM services available to users through AWS public cloud infrastructure. Thanks […]


Reap the benefits of Cloud in Retail

The retail industry is undergoing a dynamic shift in the direction of innovation, especially with flourishing e-commerce business. A report by the National Retail Federation shows immense promise in the retail industry. This year, retail sale is projected to grow at around 3.1%. As consumers are embracing online shopping with more enthusiasm, both brick-and-mortar stores […]


How Salesforce continues to be the market leader in CRM space

All good things come to an end, goes the conventional wisdom. This is more so in the case of technology, where new developments sound the death-knell for legacy solutions. Are there exceptions to this rule? Salesforce, the market leader in the CRM space, has had an unchallenged run at the top for quite a while […]


What are the Benefits of IoT integration with enterprise apps?

In the technology-driven world that we are in today, everything from customer relationships to business intelligence and supply chain is managed with complex software. With the Internet of Things (IoT) empowering users and leading the frontier in today’s digital revolution, organizations are consistently focusing their energies at increasing productivity through the deployment of new business […]


Key features of Salesforce Spring ‘17 Release

The much-awaited release notes of the Salesforce Spring ’17 release is out, complete with 452 pages of features! Salesforce thrives on continuous development, and the Spring ‘17 release does not disappoint. There is greater integration of artificial intelligence, several additions that make the dashboards and reports more intuitive, enhancements to Community workspaces that make community […]

Top 10 Web CMS trends for 2017

What are the web content management trends that will stand out in 2017? Like any other technology, change is the only constant thing in web CMS. As the total WCM market is expected to touch $6.85 billion by 2020, the leading web content management systems are due for some major re-alignment in 2017. The entry […]

Salesforce and IBM partner to leverage Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce and IBM announce a strategic global partnership aimed to jointly deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. This AI partnership is designed to influence the way companies make decisions smarter and quicker than ever before. IBM Watson, the AI platform introduced by IBM and Salesforce’s AI platform Einstein will seamlessly integrate to empower AI and take […]


Suyati’s super women celebrate the elegance of womanhood

“How do you feel being a woman?” This was the first question that Revathi Krishna (our Chief Content Officer and Director- Strategy & Marketing) asked us when we kick-started the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8th. From the moment a girl is born, she is taught to live with fear, guilt, and inhibition. It […]