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Are Digital Assistants All Just Hype?

Technological developments are bringing the future to us, much faster than we anticipated it would. Voice based tech assistants have been around for a while, and chances are you have met at least one of the 5 bigwigs – Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri or Bixby. By and large, from being a part of your […]

7 hot data analytics trends

Data analytics is not new to business. What’s new is the amazing range of technologies and techniques that are revolutionizing the way data is gathered, analyzed, and stored today. Big data, machine learning and deep learning are helping enterprises gain valuable insights into customer behavior, enhance system performances, and explore new revenue opportunities. According to […]

8 Mistakes Successful Project Managers Never Make

They execute projects on time, within the approved budget. They meet project requirements with accountability and sincerity. They lead from the front, as strategic business partners. Successful project managers, an asset to any IT organization, do all this…and a lot more! While there are many recommendations on ‘things to do’ to become an effective project […]

Agile Data Architecture: The Dynamics with NoSQL and Hadoop

Going Agile on NoSQL and Hadoop Over the last few years, digital transformation has become a crucial component in measuring success of any organization. Today’s technosphere is marked with consistent changes. In the face of a more tech-evolved competitors, organizations have to consciously keep track of their digital assets to attract loyal customers. Agile development […]

Advantages of using the Agile method in Software Development

The Agile method of developing software solutions was developed based on real-life project experiences and challenges developers faced while using the traditional waterfall model of software design. As opposed to the sequential, downward flowing design process of waterfall model; agile method uses an incremental and iterative approach. As it was developed to deal with the […]

How Cloud Enhances Agile Software Development

In a short span of time, Cloud computing has revolutionized the way virtual world has been functioning. Besides enhancing functionality and increasing efficiency, Cloud computing is supporting a number of programs that improves overall performance of an organization. Cloud computing helps in creating virtual machines, and Cloud-based services are used for the management of different […]

How to Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Agile Methodology

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an ecosystem of practices and strategies which ensures that the organizational organism caters to the needs of customers and retains them efficiently. Every enterprise chooses a certain way to implement CRM. The most commonly used model is the Waterfall method.   Why Agile? The Waterfall method follows a linear trajectory […]

Roadblocks in your Agile journey

In my last blog, I focused on aspects related to incorporating Agile across the organizations and how to begin the transition journey. This blog talks about the four standout roadblocks I have experienced whilst dealing with Agile teams. Roadblock #1 – The Agile coach/leader I know this sounds like an oxymoron – questioning the very […]

Transitioning teams to Agile – a journey, not a destination

Often we come across teams who take a big leap in to the world of Agile, only to realize later that they have lots more on the plate than they can digest.  I have been lucky enough to be a part of teams that have made a fairly successful transition (while they are still learning), […]