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A Comparison of the Top Machine Learning Platforms : Amazon, Azure, Google, IBM

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the rage now, owing to their potential to deliver advanced analytics. Marketers are now applying machine learning tools in a big way to realize huge gains in customer leads, conversion, and revenue. However, not all machine learning tools are equal. Each come with varied offerings, and different strengths and […]

Salesforce makes its way to Australia- Thanks to AWS Cloud

Thanks to AWS cloud, most of the Salesforce platforms including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud and Analytics Cloud will be made available to local customers from within Australia. Salesforce Asia-Pacific regional studies reveal that in the last quarter, APAC has been the fastest-growing Salesforce hub. This growth will be further fostered by […]

Salesforce’s core software tools to be available in AWS starting this 2017

Starting from 2017, some of the core Salesforce software will be made available in Amazon’s public cloud. Salesforce made this announcement on Friday, 2nd of December, mentioning that initially this move will be implemented in Canada by mid-2017.  In the coming years, this offer will be extended to other countries as well. For the first time in […]

VMware and AWS enter into a strategic alliance

VMware and AWS(Amazon Web Services announced on 13th Oct, 2016 that they are entering to a strategic partnership. As part of the alliance, the duo will be launching a vSphere-based cloud service that will run on AWS. This new feature known as “VMware Cloud on AWS” is expected to get fully operational by mid-2017. The partnership implicitly […]

Advantages of using AWS Cloud services

Over the years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has permanently imprinted its name on the cloud computing world, backing up over 800 government agencies, 10,000 non-profit organizations and 3,000 .edus. Amazon Web Services caters to a spectrum of clients (individuals and organizations) by providing on-demand cloud computing assets and aids with pay-as-you-go method. This means that […]

Is Brexit fast-tracking AWS and public cloud adoption?

A recent study by the Deutsche Bank Markets Research conducted among Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers and partners reveal that AWS is now approximately 6x the size of Microsoft Azure globally. The research team even surveyed the trends of global public adoption of cloud during the 2016 AWS Enterprise Summit held in London. The research […]

Features and benefits of Auto-Scaling in Amazon EC2

Every application has its own set of needs: CPU, storage, memory and networking powers. These have to be integrated in a certain configuration to allow smooth functioning of the app. With Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) instance types, you can add in different instance types which permit to sync your resources to the needs of […]

A shift in relational data storage paradigms – data storage on the cloud?

In the last few years there has been a lot of hullabaloo on housing your RDBMS and mission critical business data on the Cloud or using a database which is driven by a database engine on the cloud. Although most of the business have desisted from making a major shift to any cloud based data […]