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How can chatbots help insurance providers win more customers?

Log into the website of any service provider today and you are most likely going to have a chat bot pop up and ask you if you need assistance of any sort. The introduction of chat bots to interact with a customer, existing or potential, came into use around a decade ago. What used to […]

A Guide to Implementing AI in your Manufacturing Business

Getting down to basics, the core of any learning is intelligence. Humans learn and use means of communication and depend on visual stimulation for cognitive intelligence enhancement; even for everyday tasks such as working on a computer or enjoying a movie. Much the same way, machines can be taught to perform tasks with the help […]

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: How Predictive Maintenance Could Be a Game Changer

Rising competition. Global pricing pressure. Volatile taxation. The manufacturing industry has a constant list of troubles to take care of. Above all this comes the unexpected and uninvited equipment breakdowns, which throws the spanner into the otherwise smooth manufacturing chain. Traditionally, manufacturers had to take equipment off their production hours to diagnose these emergency performance […]

Here is what to expect at CES 2018

CES 2018, the biggest gadget show for consumer electronics that have been in for 50 years now, has about 4000 companies and more than 184,000 people participating this year. CES 2017 saw consumer experience taking a front seat than simply gadgets and technology. CES 2018 expects artificial intelligence, VR and AR, along with innovations in […]

Why cognitive digital agents are the way forward for increased customer satisfaction

Tony Stark’s trusted Man Friday, is in reality not a man at all! J.A.R.V.I.S or Jarvis, a complex artificial intelligence powered computing system, is Stark’s “manager”, a word that is only an analogy one can make—for Jarvis controls everything for his master; his home, his Iron Man suit, his security protocols, even doubling up as […]

Salesforce Essentials: A Brief Overview of the Latest CRM Offering

Microsoft Excel was first launched in 1995. Ever since, Excel spreadsheets have been best friends with business leaders and business development executives. They help track, manage and monitor leads and customers with a considerable amount of ease. Despite its advanced features, like Macros and Visual based coding and the latest cloud-based collaboration, Excel and the […]

AI Can Drive the Future of Cancer Pathology Soon

Medical technology has been progressing immensely over the last decade. The kind of machinery and technology making its way into diagnoses and treatment has been phenomenal. But what has been relegated to the background is the field of pathology – which ironically – is the first step to definitive diagnoses of any kind. Pathology has […]

Major digital transformation trends for 2018

As 2017 ends, digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of modern business strategy. Digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses – be it automation, logistics, software, retail or medical – the key drivers being profitability, customer satisfaction and increased speed-to-market. Some of the big players such as Cloud, Internet […]

Dreamforce 2017 in a Nutshell

There were no surprises at Dreamforce 2017. The four-day event, held between November 6 and 9, was every bit as fun, exciting, and innovative as expected. The days were packed with keynotes, sessions, hands-on training, and inspirational discussions with some of the world’s biggest stars and much more; while the nights offered ample scope for […]

Are Digital Assistants All Just Hype?

Technological developments are bringing the future to us, much faster than we anticipated it would. Voice based tech assistants have been around for a while, and chances are you have met at least one of the 5 bigwigs – Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri or Bixby. By and large, from being a part of your […]