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SCRUM is not just a project lifecycle framework. It’s an HR policy too.

As the HR director with a rapidly growing software company, processes and project management are of great interest to me. For, unlike traditional brick and mortar enterprises, tech firms depend completely on their human resources. As a result, good or...

Are you wasting your IT resources?

Some out-dated practices still exist in your IT organization. Shocked? Probably not, if you know your organization well. Whether it is resetting passwords, manual account creation, laying out the cable, or managing your printer issues, we bet you are spending...

Keep your Rockstar employees happy!!

Employee engagement is becoming increasingly important for every organization. The responses the employees gave to a study conducted by Arnold Worldwide and McKinsey, show how easy it is to make your Rockstar employees happy. a pat on the back take...


Attitudes are contagious, are yours worth catching?

Interested in working at Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team? Read on and if you like what you see, contact our HR team today!   At Suyati, we hire the best. Yes, the best. But we are not talking about the best...