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How can Big Data transform your HR Department?

In a global survey conducted by KPMG, it was found that 82 percent of the companies plan to make datafication (using scores of data to report, analyze and predict) as a tool to drive human-capital-related strategic decisions. R professionals’ state that over the next 2-3 years, the industry will use data as a guide to […]

Agile Data Architecture: The Dynamics with NoSQL and Hadoop

Going Agile on NoSQL and Hadoop Over the last few years, digital transformation has become a crucial component in measuring success of any organization. Today’s technosphere is marked with consistent changes. In the face of a more tech-evolved competitors, organizations have to consciously keep track of their digital assets to attract loyal customers. Agile development […]

Microsoft Azure Stack preview adds more support for Azure Functions

Microsoft has launched an update to the technical preview of its Azure Stack that will offer advanced support for Azure functions. Azure Stack is the testimony of Microsoft’s perspective on “serverless” event-driven computing. Along with the Azure Stack update, the release will also include Azure App Service, cloud tools from Microsoft to quickly develop and […]

Is Polyglot Persistence the future of the data storage and access?

In the age of Big Data and the Internet of Things, data storage is a pertinent area of study. Various data storage technologies are used to preserve data. Depending on the volume of data, frequency of access, and cost effectiveness, organizations choose to distribute data across several platforms. In this context, it is important to […]

Creating SharePoint Online team sites in Office 365

Sometimes we fail to see the wood for the trees. We are so caught up in our bubble of work that we miss the bigger picture. And that’s never good for business. Each team member needs to be on the same page; there has to be clarity on developments; the plan of action must be […]

How Technology made up the 2016 US Presidential Election

Results are out and the Republicans are assuming the White House. It was one of the most curiously watched Presidential Elections in the history of the US. Here is an account of how technology is making and breaking the Presidential race. Though this was a battle dominated by the emotions of the voters, technology at […]

5 Ways Big Data Has Redefined Customer Experience

A savvy customer today, expects multi-channel engagement, prompt and personalized service, and value for their money. How can businesses rise to meet these expectations, within their allocated budget? The answer lies in adequately leveraging big data to gain useful insights about their customers, and use these insights to refine the customer experience and delight customers […]

Salesforce Event Monitoring Wave App for effective data utilization

Currently, the digital world encounters over 9 thousand petabytes of data consumption every month and predictions spell that by 2017, the Big Data market would hit over $53.4 billion in revenue. If such a huge amount of data could be rightly analyzed and applied in the right situations, then we can look forward to not […]

Employing Big Data to predict deaths in Game of Thrones

Teradata is now using Big Data to predict the deaths in “Game of Thrones” – one of the most unpredictable and splendid works of literature as well as television experience. Clement Fredembach, the renowned data scientist at Teradata, presented a panel at Teradata PARTNERS 2016. The panel discussed and praised a blog post written by Clement which […]

Going Big Data on Travel Industry

If the physical world is made up of atoms, then the virtual world is stacked with data and handling such data to gain actionable insights was a major challenge until few years ago. Big Data broadly stands for the gradually expanding data in terms of variety, velocity and volume. Data and predictive analytics deals with […]