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What’s better than marketing automation? Marketing automation with analytics!

When Salesforce’s ‘State of Marketing 2017’ report predicted that there will be a 21 per cent growth over the next two years in the number of marketers using marketing automation, no eyebrows were raised. Studies had shown that marketing automation drives up to 14.5 per cent increase in sales productivity, while bringing down marketing overhead […]

How can companies ditch that gut feeling and make decisions based on data?

Cristopher Frank, co-author of Drinking from the fire hose: Making smarter decisions without drowning in information, has an interesting analogy to explain the plight of hi-tech companies struggling with digital transformation. Remember the protagonist from the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland? The story goes that Alice asks the Cheshire cat for directions, who in response […]

AI Can Drive the Future of Cancer Pathology Soon

Medical technology has been progressing immensely over the last decade. The kind of machinery and technology making its way into diagnoses and treatment has been phenomenal. But what has been relegated to the background is the field of pathology – which ironically – is the first step to definitive diagnoses of any kind. Pathology has […]

Dreamforce 2017 in a Nutshell

There were no surprises at Dreamforce 2017. The four-day event, held between November 6 and 9, was every bit as fun, exciting, and innovative as expected. The days were packed with keynotes, sessions, hands-on training, and inspirational discussions with some of the world’s biggest stars and much more; while the nights offered ample scope for […]

How will the farming and agriculture sector benefit from IoT in 2018

Our world is becoming interconnected. All things are becoming intelligent. Internet of Things has turned our world into a mesh of smart sensor connected network. From home appliances to giant windmills, IoT binds every imaginable device to a network for remote access and smart functioning. Farms, crops, and grains are no exception to it. Agriculture—where […]

10 Hot Data Analytics Trends in 2017

With businesses gearing up to be more customer centric than ever before, it is vital to curate as much insights about customer behaviour as possible to create a winning situation for all. Data analytics is the key solution to unlocking hidden customer insights that will enable businesses to offer smarter engagements to their end customers. […]

A Comparison of the Top Four Machine Learning Platforms

Welcome to the Age of Analytics — a time where data drives decision-making and inferences are made by interpreting mounds of data no human can sift through. Enter the Machines. Machine Learning has grown in relevance over the past few years with its ability to sieve through and analyze large sets of data to give […]

5 Key reasons why you should attend Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017 is right around the corner. This year there are tons of exciting sessions, plenty of top grade talent and speakers and loads of innovative solutions waiting to make their mark at San Francisco during the 4 day event. This infographic throws light into Why should you attend Dreamforce 2017? Who are the key […]

From Big Data to Fast Data: How to be Fast Data ready

Big Data was yesterday’s buzzword. Many businesses now are looking for data agility as a primary factor for business success – which is why sustainability and adaptability have become more relevant.  The benefits of big data can be reaped only when the data is processed at high speeds. This is where Fast Data comes to […]

How will Big Data help manufacturers in maintaining supply chain quality?

The manufacturing sector churns out stacks of data every single day. The challenge for organizations is to figure out how this data can be applied to their business to optimize supply chain performance. How does a supply chain work?  The supply chain flow in a manufacturing company involves purchasing of raw materials, completing sale, delivering […]