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Blockchain in manufacturing: 5 avenues worth exploring

Once upon a time – not too long ago – the possibility of disseminating information to anywhere in the world seemed preposterous. Internet was the buzzword then. Blockchain is the buzzword now. The technology is expected to take us from the “Internet of Information” to the “Internet of Value”, according to Don and Alex Tapscott, […]

Top 5 possibilities of Blockchain in banking for 2018

Blockchain is the buzzword now; and although it made its first appearance about a decade ago, it is now beginning to take several industries by storm. A significant number of major corporations are seeking to integrate bitcoin into their businesses by moving from traditional business models to blockchain business applications. Be it changing the way […]

A guide to implementing blockchain for insurance providers

Imagine a world without mistrust. A world where all agreements, contracts, processes are embedded in digital code, stored in secure databases, and easily shared, sans intermediaries. No fear of fraud, cyber-attacks, security lapses. Too utopian, you think?    With blockchain – hailed as the greatest revolution since the advent of the Internet – all this and […]

Top 5 Possibilities of blockchain in the education sector for 2018

One of the key buzzwords of 2017 was Bitcoin. The digital currency had a meteoric rise in its value that jumped to $19,783.21 per bitcoin in December 2017 from the starting price of close to $900 in January 2017. Soon, governments and trade bodies across boundaries started to put in regulations and restrictions on the […]

The Bankers Guide to Implement Blockchain for Global Payments

Blockchain is a rage now. But what exactly is a blockchain, and how can banks and financial institutions leverage this new fad everyone has been praising, to derive quantifiable benefits? A blockchain is a series or chain of records or “blocks” linked together and secured using cryptography. The transaction data is embedded into each block. […]