10 Compelling Reasons to Opt for Sitefinity as your WCMS

top 10 reasons to choose sitefinitySitefinity is one of the most leading CMS systems in the world now. Its coolest features are it being lightweight, user-friendly, easy to use, customizable, scalable and secure. It is very useful and effective for simple business sites as well as commercial web sites. The inline editing feature provides the flexibility to create and manage content on the fly without any headache.

Why Enterprises’ best choice?

More than hundreds of websites all over the world are using Sitefinity as their content management system.

What’s the reason behind that?

Here come the top 5 facts that make Sitefinity the most popular for enterprises.

Easy to use and excellent user interface

The coolest fact that Sitefinity provides is the ease of working; even a non-technical person can easily manage it. It can be achieved with the help of an excellent drag and drop designer interface and inline editors which make the creation and management of site simpler and cost effective.

Supports Search Engine Optimization

Sitefinity has taken care of the ranking of the web pages by the generation of the useful keyword rich url and search engine titles for the pages. The Sitefinity CMS gives full control on urls and increases the visibility of the website in search engines. It gives the flexibility to block search engines from indexing the pages as well.

Ecommerce solutions

Sitefinity provides the integrated solution of CMS with ecommerce. It exposes all necessary things to create an online store to buy products along with the payment gateway management. It helps to configure the online store in our own way with the personalized online shopping experience to customers.

Flexibility in asset management

Sitefinity has the flexibility to manage almost all types of digital assets like text files, images, video, graphics, audio etc. It has the platform for live document editing of word docs, excel and other media types with the library. Beyond that we can easily upload a word document and convert it to a pdf. We can associate custom fields and Meta data to improve the accessibility of the digital assets.

Connected to leading marketing middle wares

Sitefinity has in built connectors for Salesforce, Marketo and SharePoint. Marketo helps to analyze the user engagement and offers them a more personalized experience. SharePoint connector helps to provide two-way sync between them and leveraging the utilization of the SharePoint assets within the CMS. Salesforce connector facilitates the direct dealing with the clouds and empowers the conversion rate.

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Why Marketers’ great choice?

Sitefinity has a leading role by leveraging its capabilities to increase the user engagement in the website and generate revenue.

Here are the top 5 facts that make Sitefinity the most popular among marketers.

Content personalization

This is one of the most useful features in Sitefinity that helps providing the personalized web experience for the site visitors by delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. Through this we can provide content that is most relevant to each category of users. It has the provision to visualize the reports and further improve the results based on that.

Email marketing

The best ever feature that online marketers love in Sitefinity is the email marketing. Using the inbuilt email designer they can easily create and manage email campaigns within the CMS itself. Based on targeting and analyzing the email marketing reports, they can engage and retain the most valued customers.

Social media connectivity

Create promotional events on Facebook as well as publish directly to twitter from CMS itself. The content items can effectively distribute with the help of RSS, atoms and thus helps to improve the multi-channel social media strategy.

Mobile friendly

Mobile devices play a leading role in today’s online world, with the involvement of millions of users. Sitefinity integrates multi-device specific mobile strategies to empower mobile users. It provides winning mobile experiences by the responsive design and mobile app builders. It manages and personalizes mobile content, mobile friendly navigation, and thus boosts visitors’ engagement.

Google Analytics

Sitefinity provides integration with Google Analytics which makes the tracking of websites even simpler. It adds the necessary tracking codes for the pages created in Sitefinity and thus makes the entire web analytics easier. We can check the reports within the Sitefinity CMS itself.

So these are the top 10 compelling reasons to opt for Sitefinity as your web content management system from an enterprise and marketing perspective.

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Author : Ajai Mani Date : 18 Feb 2015