10 of the Craziest Mobile Apps Ever!

Apps on our smartphones have been useful for a variety of functions – buying the latest book, keeping track of fitness, booking movie or play tickets and of course the range of interesting games that capture the attention of adults and children alike.

While we usually choose mobile apps for their usefulness, there are times when we just look for something that is whacky and fun. Here are some of the weirdest apps that we came across for iOS and Android mobiles. Do check them out! Crazy Mobile Applications

Carrr Matey: Remember that time when you parked your car at a crowded multi level parking lot and took ages to find it again? Well, this app will help you avoid such a situation ever again. Carrr Matey is available on both iOS and Android and can get you back to your vehicle using a compass or walking directions. As the name suggests, the app uses a pirate theme.

Paper Racing: We all know that unraveling that roll of toilet paper can be a lot of fun. You can now experience it and be environment-friendly as well. This Android app helps you destress by dragging off a roll of toilet paper. Play it in Single Mode to test your speed, or in Multiple mode to challenge your friends and have even more fun.

Melon Meter: If you’ve ever tried to buy a watermelon in the market, you know how tough it is to assess its readiness. The folks at Apple understand your pain and have made an app for that. Tap the watermelon that you want tested a few times with the microphone side of your phone, and the app can tell you by the thumping noise if it’s ripe enough for you to buy.

Game for Cats: With babies and toddlers turning tech-savvy, why should our pets be left behind? The Game for Cats is available on iOS and your cat might especially love it on the iPad. A similar app called “Crazy Cat – the Game for Cats” is on Android as well. A word of caution – we doubt if the app makers will take responsibility for any scratch marks on your screen so do remember to watch out for that!

Cry Translator: A new parent would be the ideal audience for this iOS app, as they know how exasperating it can be to not understand what a baby is crying about. This app promises to diagnose your baby’s cry in 10 seconds and even recommend helpful solutions along with it. The Android “Baby Translate” app also has a similar description.

Spirit Story Box: This app is not for the faint-hearted as it assures you of communicating with the spirit world. It sounds like a great idea for a ghostly themed party or for scaring your friends at a reputed haunted house. This one is for iOS mobiles and is rated for use only by those 12 years and over.

Drunk Dial No!: We’ve all come across funny collections of texts sent when drunk, and maybe you have a story of your own as well. The Drunk Dial No! iOS app allows you to block one or more contacts for 1 to 48 hours, so that you would not be allowed to call or text them during that time. It sounds like a good one to try out before your next party, and don’t forget to add your boss’s name to that blocked list! Android users can try the similar “DrunkBlocker” app.

Haircaster: Some of us need to be extra worried about bad hair days, and the weather can contribute to make it even frizzier. The Haircaster iOS app helps you predict how the weather could affect your hair on any particular day, so that you can be well prepared with the extra conditioning that might be needed on those days.

RunPee: This app is available on both iOS and Android and arms movie-goers with information about slow moving parts of movies, so that they can run to the restroom at such times. It also promises to help out with any part of the movie that they might have missed. The movie database is constantly updated so that you can enjoy the latest movies without worrying about bodily functions getting in the way.

Hold On: The Hold On iOS app can help test your perseverance. You can compete to see how long you can hold down the provided button, with a timer that is accurate up to milliseconds. Improvement of concentration is another promised side effect of this simple app.

We had great fun exploring these crazy apps and putting together the list of the 10 most interesting ones. Do let us know in the comments if there are any others that you have come across! Some of the articles that helped to put this list together are mentioned below in the sources.

Author : Aparna George Date : 08 Jun 2015