10 ecommerce solutions for your Drupal website

Drupal Commerce

Drupal is house to a robust set of features and tools for almost every kind of website, including ecommerce ones. The ecommerce community in Drupal keep rolling out powerful features to help build simple and intuitive websites.

Drupal Commerce and Ubercart are the major players in Drupal ecommerce market. However, over the past few months, many other technologies (like Stripe Payment API) have begun to rise that could exponentially advance the ecommerce capacities of your websites.

The ecommerce solution you select will depend on the Drupal site you’re setting up. You will take into consideration the number of products, the type of information you would like to give, if you would like an accompanying blog and so on. What sets Drupal apart from the crowd of website building solutions is its ability to give solutions designed for your website needs, without unrequired functionalities and features. Here are ten ecommerce solutions for your Drupal website!


Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is the most famous Drupal ecommerce solution in the market. In comparison to its ancestor Ubercart, it was designed to fit in with Drupal 7 using the latest features and APIs. It was created by the same developer who set up Ubercart, Ryan Szrama.

Commerce Guys, the company lead by Ryan Szrama supports Drupal Commerce. It is also offered support by the Drupal community. Commerce has a higher chance of receiving new features as it is utilized more in Drupal 7 and above.

One of the major challenges with Ubercart was the difficulty in configuration and lack of modularity. This has been resolved in Drupal Commerce which has a series of features in the main module along with a large set of contributed modules. This permits easy configuration and higher amount of customizations.


Stripe API

One of the main reasons for Drupal being on-the-top is its ability to integrate with third-party APIs. Stripe API is a useful API which can be built into the Drupal site using a custom module, allowing for customized payment solutions. This opens the space for selling and accepting payments.


Commerce Kickstart

Commerce Kickstart Drupal distribution is a helpful utility for Drupal Commerce. It is targeted towards non-technical store owners who would like to explore the features within Drupal but might not have the technical know-hows in place. With this feature, they can get their website up and running in no time. More effective than starting the website from scratch, Commerce Kickstart feature comes with a set of in-built configurations and modules, showcasing the capacities of Drupal distributions.



Ubercart is home to many features absent in other modules. While enabling you to construct product catalogues and listings, the products are automatically organized and organizing the track stock is just a click away. It is easy to create comprehensive reports on the products’ stock and also administer orders/payment procedures with Ubercart. Along with the creative features that will configure your store, Ubercart also has options for personalizing shopping cart and the checkout page of your store.


Amazon Store

For those looking to sell through Amazon, this is a must. It implements the Amazon Associates Web Service. With such a simple installation and activation procedure, it allows you to contact Amazon for the personal Associate ID and then to subsequently build your shop through the powerful tools provided for the product-page and shopping-cart. Amazon Store will provide a simple way to earn commission through this module.



This Drupal module helps to construct the barcode field. It is generally coupled with CCK. Once you select the symbology, the barcodes will be automatically created in sync with your requirements. This module supports: Codabar, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, Postnet, QR Code, Postnet, Code 39, 93 & 128 among others.


ecommerce Invoice

ecommerce Invoice assists in generating invoices. Apart from the feature to generate unlimited number of invoices, they can also be mailed to the clients, allowing timely payments. The best feature of this module is that you can personalize the invoice according to your business needs.


Currency Exchange

This module is ideal for websites which have a worldwide target audience and where payments will require constant use of exchange rates. You can modify appearance and behavior of the module according to theme of your website.


UC Upsell

UC Upsell was created to sync with Ubercart enabling up-selling and marketing technique. This is most often used during times when many products are displayed at the same time. The main aim of this module is to list all the items according to their user choice, allowing you to create a perfect display and increase the sales.


Affiliate Store

For those who have set up their website on the basis of affiliate marketing, this can be a useful module. Website developers have agreed that this is one of the best tools to get through the tedious marketing campaign processes. Once EarnHighWay is integrated into the websites, it will allow you to choose the products, build relevant pages and to establish payment gateways.



For those who want to explore all the features under one tool, Wazala is the answer! It allows you to bring in all the different moods through your website. While trying this module, you can add a Store button. This will allow you to sell goods, permit digital downloads, open up online payment gateways and create an inventory management system.



Those looking to earn revenue from ads through the website will find Adsense an essential module. Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn maximum revenue from online traffic. Once the module is integrated onto your site, you can establish, organize and configure the AdSense advertising.


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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 24 Feb 2017