2012: This year may be one big B-Y-O-D party for your it team

The global economy is not out of the doldrums just yet. If someone predicts that IT spending will increase, another think tank will say that IT budgets will shrink. Some say global IT outsourcing companies may cut staff, while others do not think outsourcing numbers will be affected. But, what we can say with a degree of certainty is that 2012 is going to see the BYOD (bring your own device) trend continue to grow.

BYOD represents the new face of IT consumerization, where employees are increasingly bringing their own tablets and smartphones into the workplace, instead of relying on office-issued desktops and laptops. Here are some pros and cons of the BYOD trend -.


  • Lower costs: This is the most obvious benefit. With the cost of the device, hardware, data and voice services being paid for by the employee (to a large extent), companies can save upto 80% of their infrastructure mobility costs.
  • Increased mobility means productivity: With employees today being constantly on the move, it is only fair that their work devices catch up with them. Employees do not need to be strapped to their desks all day long- they can work where they want, and in a lot of cases, work more effectively, so company productivity automatically goes up!
  • Employee satisfaction: There is a reason your employee bought that tablet or smartphone in the first place…they like it. They prefer it. They are more comfortable with the interface. Employees prefer it to slow office desktops.


  • Is your company BYOD-compliant? Your employees may be ready to bring their own devices, but are your systems ready to support that? A well thought out network plan need to be put in place before you can migrate to the BYOD format of working, otherwise your IT helpdesk will be swamped with calls from confused employees.
  • Security: Anything on the move is an easy target. With mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and USB memory sticks growing at a tremendous pace, there is bound to be an increase in technology attacks. These devices are an access point into corporate networks, and any attack could potentially sabotage the entire system and expose confidential data.

Despite the disadvantages, IT consumerization and BYOD are not going away in a hurry. Are you ready for the new consumerized workforce at your business?






Author : rramamurthy Date : 20 Jan 2012