Why 2016 is called the Year of Salesforce Lightning

The Gap Between Customer and Business

Today’s customers expect personalized interaction, through the channel and time of their preference. A study by Salesforce reveals that 77% of customers are not engaged with companies. With business-to-customer interactions being too late, irrelevant, impersonal, or absent, this results in the creation of a gap between customer and business.

The root cause of the gap between customers and businesses are:

Salesforce is ranked among Forbes’ most innovative companies in the world, for five years in a row. And in 2016, Salesforce came out with its latest innovation- Lightning, that aims at addressing the “gap” between customer expectation and what the Customer Success Platform delivers.

Several third-party businesses are already leveraging Lightning to take their products to a new level. So, how is lightning helping users? Lightning offers a reimagined modern, efficient, and smart consumer experience by streamlining processes and making workflows more intuitive. Lightning fetches relevant information on each screen easily.

Lightning is now becoming the highly preferred platform of Salesforce users. For instance, Sage is delivering Sage Live, its real-time cloud accounting solution, on the new Salesforce Lightning platform. Luxury brands like Aston Martin have adopted Lightning as well.

Here, we take a close look at the platform to understand why 2016 is known as the Year of Salesforce Lightning.


Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 15 Dec 2016