How Technology made up the 2016 US Presidential Election

How technology made up the 2016 US Presidential Election

Results are out and the Republicans are assuming the White House. It was one of the most curiously watched Presidential Elections in the history of the US. Here is an account of how technology is making and breaking the Presidential race. Though this was a battle dominated by the emotions of the voters, technology at the second place was highly influential.

Here is how technology plays a key role in the US elections:

Social Media Campaigns

Analysts say that only 10% of the campaigns focused on the specific social, economic, and other issues, while most of the campaigns saw both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spending their 90% of the time explaining why the other is unqualified to be the next President. All the social media channels, mobile devices, technology etc. enabled both to get these messages to the public within a short span of time. Social media also transformed the voters to informed voters so that they are educated in advance about the current socio-economic-political scenarios of the nation. Twitter is perhaps the greatest ally of Trump since he managed to gain 13 million followers in Twitter, pretty high than Clinton.

Cyber Security

“Email server” has been one of the buzzwords that resonated throughout the election campaign. When Clinton handled all of her official emails (as Secretary of the State) through a server in her home network, it even led to FBI investigating the situation with great scrutiny. Thanks to the laws, she wasn’t penalized for any criminal act. This incident emphasized the utmost significance of cyber security and the IT best practices to be followed.

Data is pivotal to everything

In one of our previous blogs, we already discussed the rising importance of big data in presidential election. All over the pre-election events, we saw how Big Data has been used to arrive at real-time analytics. This includes debates, discussions, micro-targeting of the audience, social media sentiment analysis, exit polls and so on.

So, let us see how the new government will leverage technology for a better administration and favorable foreign policies.


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Author : Bhuvana Date : 09 Nov 2016