3 digital strategies that CIOs need to be aware of

As discussed in our previous blog, “Are you wasting your IT resources?, outdated IT practices in your internal IT department can seriously hamper your growth and progress.  We present 3 digital strategies that every CIO needs to take into consideration when mapping their growth chart for their enterprise.

But first things first. Make IT part of the strategic plans of the company. Analysts and critics have shouted this from the rooftops. IT needs to be part of the company’s strategic vision. Starting from the CEO, every stakeholder needs to integrate IT into strategic planning as opposed to throwing IT into the mix during the implementation stage. Create a single, multi-year blueprint of the strategic plans that you formed. This then needs to be propagated, communicated and shared throughout the company. Once you have the blueprint in place, factor in the following 3 digital trends into your implementation phase.

  1. Mobile Workforce investments and mobile interaction with customers – Invest more in empowering workers with mobile devices, Instant messaging systems, etc. Interacting with customers through mobile solutions is becoming increasingly effective whether it is via websites or social media
  2. Insights on security and actions on the Cloud – Top performers in no way risk their important data, nor do they spend more money than they have to. Factor in cloud offerings and how you can jumpstart your growth via the cloud.
  3. Plough well through the Social Media field – Its social media fever all over and it’s not expected to leave town in the near future! Grab the best ways to utilize social media to promote your business, not to mention analytics and measurement tools that can tell you if you are on the right track.

Suyati technologies, while mobilizing ourselves around strategic plans, never condone any opportunity for innovation and success. Be it expertise, skills sets, planning, or strategizing, we do not leave anything to chance. Especially if it is for our client. Check our growing list of services to see how we can help you with your blueprint.

Author : mkrishna Date : 20 Jun 2012