4 Myths about Open Source you need to be aware of

Open Source technology, though a hot favorite among enterprises across the world, is still considered obsolete by many.. Here we list 4 common myths about open source technology and demystify them for you:

Vulnerable and insecure:

The fact that open source software comes with open source codes enables it to be tested rigorously by several technical experts across the world thereby identifying and repairing any security flaws that may pop up. Thus open source may in fact be more secure than proprietary software.

Fit for only infrastructural applications:

Open Source software is now being used widely in developing highly advanced ERP and CRM suites thereby making it compatible for usage in domestic software applications and not just heavy duty infrastructural applications like cloud computing.

It is Free:

Open Source software comes with free source code, which entitles any software vendor to access, modify and create their own software with it. The vendors are most likely to charge for the software they develop. Hence open source software applications need not be necessarily free.

It is meant for tech geeks:

Open Source elements would be used by nearly 80% of all commercial software by 2012 according to a Gartner study and thus it is definitely going to have a mass appeal through applications netted out from such concepts that would involve not just techno hobbyists but also normal folks.

Thus Open Source is starting to become a centre piece of new age software development and enterprises far and wide are adopting this strategy. If you want to explore the benefits of Open Source technology in your business ventures, then visit Suyati Technologies, where our experts will deliver the best in class open source solutions, tailor-made for your business.





Author : admin Date : 04 Oct 2012