The Top 5 Marketing Apps in Salesforce : Infographic

The presence of a large and diverse set of apps in the Salesforce AppExchange allows marketers to orchestrate successful campaigns in an optimal way. AppExchange gives numerous options. But for ideal CRM results, before tapping into any AppExchange app, we should ideally step back and evaluate the business requirements. Secondly, the best way to meet those requirements have to be identified. AppExchange is not the only thing to be considered. Ideally the business should also consider using custom objects along with a bit of configuration which can even be called custom development. There are cases in which such approaches result in a more affordable footprint when compared to using a commercial AppExchange app. However, in many cases, AppExchange applications do provide an ideal approach for tapping into many additional Salesforce features that include functionality or customizations that are required.

Top 5 marketing applications in salesforce

The use of AppExchange, furthermore, sets free the Salesforce users from the need to create or maintain such applications themselves. What this does is help save time and money. This in turn ensures that they stay focused on sales and customer service. There are over 1,700 applications on offer via the AppExchange. Many of them are free. Salesforce can be enhanced to your heart’s content by using applications which are already in the process of being actively developed and maintained.  Such applications can also be rapidly deployed. The fact is above 70% of Salesforce customers, are typically companies, and not people. They are the ones using apps, and about half of them have installed at least two apps. There are some successful companies that are also built entirely around AppExchange apps. Based on extensive CRM implementation experience, our infographic has come up with a comparison of five popular apps listed in the AppExchange that marketers would love to have in their arsenal.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 07 Jul 2015