5-point checklist to select the right outsourcing partner

In this overheated outsourcing market, choosing the right partner to outsource your product development is extremely risky. With every outsourcing company promising you the best and the brightest, how do you ensure that you select, and retain, the best team for your needs? Use this checklist to choose an outsourcing partner for the long haul, and who can offer the flexibility and transparency you need.

  • Ensure quality and standards are real: Many vendors can claim things about their processes and certifications which may not be real. Perform a thorough check on the organization, and its credentials.
  • Audit the resource who will be working for you: The talent fit between the job and the resource is crucial to getting your job done on time. Say yes only after you evaluate each and every resource.
  • Evaluate HR capabilities to recruit: Since the vendor’s HR team recruits the resource for you, it would be a good idea to find out how well they understand your needs.
  • Evaluate the technical capability: Understand the vertical capability and expertise your vendors have despite whatever success stories they claim
  • Pay based on quality:  You get what you pay for. Understand that cost arbitrage is not a criterion for selecting a vendor. However, you need to be aware of the vendor’s cost structure and identify areas that can be negotiated to your advantage

There are your regular outsourcing models, and then there is Suyati’s Dedicated global Team (DGT) model. From presenting a transparent cost model and creating a team based on your precise requirements, to  executing your projects on-time and within budget, the DGT is built from scratch for you. 

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Author : rramamurthy Date : 30 Nov 2011