5 ways to convince your boss to send you to Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017 is around the corner, and the registrations are open.

Salesforce’s annual conference takes off in San Francisco on November 6th, promising three chock-full days of keynotes , training sessions, product demos, networking opportunities, and much more! If your boss is still in two minds to give you the green signal, we will give you five good reasons that will convince even the most skeptic of all bosses. 

1. Gain Valuable First Hand Insights

Dreamforce is much more than an ordinary tech conference. It is the largest annual software conference in the world, offering unimaginable opportunities related to software and innovation. 

Keeping pace with technology is tough for anyone in today’s world. Dreamforce 2017 offers perfect opportunity to not just stay relevant, but break free from the herd.

Dreamforce hosts several keynotes. These keynotes inspire and engage the delegates, and offer insights on the latest developments, innovations, and thought-processes, straight from the horse’s mouth. The cloud-centric innovations and other demonstrations come with live demos, making it easier to apply the same to work.

Dreamforce has an established reputation for being the venue of new product launches. Most of the new announcements, such as Einstein in Dreamforce 2016, shake up the industry in a big way, demolishing existing paradigms and overhauling the incumbent ecosystems. Dreamforce delegates are the first in line to gain insights into  red-hot  technology and products, and can apply it to their work to gain invaluable first-mover advantages.

The Campground, formerly known as the “Customer Success Showcase,” an area full of laboratories, iconic toys, and other surprises, offer insights into how companies leverage Salesforce to generate huge ROI. Delegates gain ground zero experience on how to benchmark. The ever ready and helpful team of Salesforce partners, enthusiasts, co-delegates, and employees are always on hand to offer clarifications, and guide the delegate on how to customize a specific initiative or innovation for their enterprise.

The Admin Meadow is another exciting area, where the ever helpful Salesforce employees offer new product information, complete with product demos. A multitude of break-out sessions makes delegates comfortable with new and existing products functionality.

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2. Big Learning and Skill Development Opportunities

The core of Dreamforce is amazing learning opportunities.

Dreamforce delegates can choose from over 2700 expert sessions, workshops, and other programs to gain valuable insights and enhance their skill-sets. These sessions impact valuable technical know-how, use-cases, hands-on training, and much more. The diverse range of programs offers plenty for everyone, leaving no one out, from managers with no technical background to geeks, and from creative artists to CFOs.

The huge Customer Success Expo showcases an infinite number of Salesforce partner solutions. Of special note is the “Circles of Success,” where delegates may get their practical questions answered by product experts.

Dedicated breakout sessions for each Salesforce product, such as Einstein and other products, enable delegates to keep abreast of the latest cutting-edge developments, and apply the talents tools for the betterment of the enterprise. Hands-on training sessions lead to Trailhead badges. Such badges offer immediate gratification in the form of prizes, but the real benefit is for the enterprise to which the delegate belongs. A trailblazer badge is a proof of the delegate’s ability to apply his or her newly acquired skill for the betterment of the enterprise, in a big way.

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3. The Path to Success is Paved with Networking

Dreamforce, being the biggest and the best tech conference of the world, attracts people of all hues, from all corners of the world. Business executives, CEOs, geeks, creative artists, non-technical staff managers, and trainers, among others make way to San Francisco to attend Dreamforce, making it the perfect stage to network, and network big!

Dreamforce is designed to connect delegates. Dreamforce delegates get the unparalleled advantage of not just being able to rub shoulders with the  who’s who of the industry, but also discuss thoughts with them. Whatever the delegates role, company size or industry, the Dreamforce community is always ready to share their knowledge, skills, experience, or if nothing else, just a Dreamforce lunch, with their fellow delegates.

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Opportunities abound to network. The Customer Success Expo, the area of Dreamforce lined with booths run by Salesforce consultants and partners, offers the perfect stage to meet other Salesforce users and to share ideas. However, the scope for networking is rife in all events, and more so also during the daily happy hours, corporate-sponsored meals, and after-hours parties. Who else but a Dreamforce delegate can rub shoulders with industry leaders and big names, on an informal basis!


The Dreamforce experience does not end with the conference. Online and offline communities help to sustain the relationship, and continue networking opportunities, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration, in a big way. The contacts gained at Dreamforce 2017 can become a valuable source of competitive advantage for the business in today’s tech-neutral age.

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4. A Rejuvenated Mind is a Powerhouse of Efficiency

Dreamforce is not all work and no play.

Dreampark, the heart and soul of Dreamforce, offers an oasis of inspiration and relaxation, sure to rejuvenate the delegates. Several fun events and adventures are on offer that culminate in a concert. Delegates are guaranteed rich memories that will last them a lifetime.  Everyone is sure to return to work with their batteries fully charged.

Dreamforce is not just about technology either. Dreamforce offers a good stage to give back to the wider community which sustains and nourishes technology. The conference offers a dedicated space to participate in volunteer activities. Delegates may also contribute to conference partners such as Girls Who Code, Vetforce, RED and more that offer various community-support and outreach initiatives.

5. Improve Your ROI

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Delegates who have attended the previous Dreamforce sessions have reaped significant improvements in sales productivity, customer retention, and employee productivity; and that’s just for starters.  On an average, delegates who apply the insights and knowledge gained from Salesforce to work enjoy 23% increase in deal size, 43% increase in agent productivity, 34% increase in marketing lead volume, and 20% increase in customer retention.

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Dreamforce is the go-to event for the year, promising unbridled enrichment and excitement. The fact that 95% of attendees recommend it to others is a standing testimony to the efficacy of the conference. And this annual tech pilgrimage gets bigger and better with every year. Make sure you and your enterprise ride the tide, and are not left stranded on the shore.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 12 Oct 2017