7 reasons for businesses to use PHP

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor initially started out as a personal home based program to count the number of people visiting a web site. The remarkable evolution of this program has resulted in the birth of PHP as a web development language. Ever since, it has undergone numerous transformations to become one of the most popular web development languages in use today.

The capricious nature of this open source language along with a strong community working for its development, explains the status it enjoys as the most widely used web development language. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not some PHP nerd trying to sell the language. There are numerous programmers and enterprises out there who can corroborate the facts that puts PHP on top.

Sure, PHP has received wide acceptance from programmers and open source buffs, but what attributes does this language possess which has led to a substantial increase in its usage by enterprises and companies? From a business perspective, what are the advantages of using PHP?

  1. One of the best arguments for using PHP is that it is an open source language, meaning it’s free of cost. Using PHP can save money spent for procuring the usage rights for any web development language.
  2. Since PHP is a server side language, it can be run through any web browser without the requirement of add- ons and plug-ins. This makes your website easily accessible.
  3. Another reason for PHP’s popularity among companies and programmers alike is its simplicity. From a company’s point of view this ensures that great technical skills or high value resources are not required for using PHP. This also implies that there will never be a shortage in PHP’s talent pool.
  4. Since PHP requires minimum number of resources for execution, it runs fast and does not interfere with the processing speeds of other programs. In addition to that, PHP is stable and highly reliable.
  5. The language has a strong community base that constantly updates the language to account for technical problems or bugs and to increase PHP’s capabilities.
  6. Various security measures incorporated into the language protects your site from security threats and breaches.
  7. PHP is a cross platform support language and it can be supported on most web servers and runs on all major operating systems like Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Hence, it can be used to develop web applications for a range of websites from personal to e-commerce to community portals.

The numerous benefits offered by PHP for the successful running of your company/ webpage, makes it the perfect tool for web development. If you want to know more about how PHP can help you, connect with Suyati Technologies today! Our PHP experts look forward to helping you!

Author : admin Date : 09 Aug 2012