7 Reasons to Use Open Source for Product Development

Software products are growing rapidly, at a larger scale, and identifying the right technology to develop a strong and proper code base is a major challenge for product and platform organizations. Several considerations, including usability, scalability, availability, migration from legacy technologies, and various other factors influence the decision of selecting the right platform for delivering products.

Businesses are now widely recognizing the role of Open Source Software (OSS) in product development because open source comes with features that make enterprises more responsive in addressing user desires effectively. Open source is also more flexible in adapting and catering to the changing business demands. Welcoming open source fundamentally means changing the way enterprises think about their business as well as their consumers.

Besides flexibility, scalability, adaptability and other features, open source also points a radical move away from the long existent “company-customer paradigm”. It encourages businesses to go away from the notion of “company creating a product and customers using them”. Open source ushers in a more advanced method of design thinking where product development takes birth as part of a community collaboration.

So why do many Fortune 500 organizations and government IT departments prefer open source? Is pricing the only deciding factor? What are compelling reasons behind enterprises going for open source? Take a look at our infographic to know more. Why Should You Use Open Source for Product Development

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 26 Sep 2016